Maid Of Honor-Jessica Weaver

Jess and Elaine met as January admits Freshman year at Hamilton College. Only mere acquaintances at the time, they crossed paths in the summer of 2001 in Nantucket, Massachusetts. After that, Jess and Elaine spent semesters together at Hamilton and summers together in Boston and Nantucket. They have become not only a part of each others' lives, but a part of each others' family.
Currently, Jessica is living in Boston, Massachusetts where she works in the Alumni Relations Office at Wheaton College.

Best Man-Michael Antonacci

Mike and Joe became friends as suite-mates their Junior year at Hamilton College. After rooming together again their Senior year, Mike & Joe made the quintessential bachelor move to Manhattan where they lived on Wall Street for 2½ years. Finally, after rooming together for just shy of 5 years, the guys cut the cord and parted ways. The amazing friendship that Mike and Joe developed as roommates still remains strong today.
After deferring from law school, Mike made the move to Lublin, Poland where he currently resides. While in Poland, Mike is working and traveling extensively.

Bridesmaid-Elizabeth Abbott


Liz and Elaine were introduced through mutual friends Sophomore year at Hamilton College. Their friendship truly blossomed Senior year when Liz moved next door to Elaine and Kim. Since the day they met, Liz has been an amazing friend and support system for she is for all of her friends.
After graduating from Hamilton, Liz moved to New York City where she still resides. She graduated from Columbia with her Master's Degree in Nursing and currently works in Labor & Delivery.

Groomsman-Ragnar Gearhart

Rags and Joe met in 2000 as Freshmen at Hamilton College. Over the next few years, Rags and Joe bonded over many things from athletics to mischievous pranks. But it wasn't until they lived together their Junior and Senior years that Rags and Joe fostered the friendship they have now.
Rags was married on June 9th, 2007 to fellow Hamilton grad Katie Ladd. The couple is living in New York City while Katie attends NYU Law. Currently, Rags is working in finance at UBS.

Bridesmaid-Alexis Faraci


Alexis and Elaine became friends fall semester of their Sophomore year at Hamilton College. After Elaine became the 3rd roommate in Alexis & Kim's double, Alexis shared not only her space but her forever friendship. Over the years, Alexis and Elaine have shared many wonderful times together, especially on numerous vacations with their girlfriends to Alexis' family house in the Bahamas.
Alexis resides in Atlanta, Georgia where she is working on her Master's Degree at Georgia Tech.

Groomsman-Ross D'Eredita

Ross and Joe were introduced in New York City by mutual friend Mike Antonacci in late 2004. Ross and Joe quickly hit it off, so the 3 of them spent copious amounts of time together at the apartment on Wall Street. Even with Joe's relocation to Charlotte, the two remain close.
Presently, Ross lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and works in finance for Alliance Bernstein.

Bridesmaid-Kimberly Aber

Kim and Elaine met in 2001 as Freshmen at Hamilton College. Kim was also a January admit so it was not long until she and Elaine were introduced by a mutual friend. Kim and Elaine roomed together ("unofficially") for the next 3 years at Hamilton and became life long friends. They have shared some of life's greatest ups & downs, but were able to make it through with the help of one another.
Currently, Kim lives & works in the Washington, DC area.

Groomsman-Tamer Farooqui

Tamer and Joe crossed paths as Freshmen at Hamilton College while residing on the same floor. Tamer and Joe maintained a friendship throughout their time together at Hamilton. However, it was after college, while both guys were in Manhattan that they developed a much stronger bond.
At this time, Tamer lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and is a trader for Ridgecrest Partners.

Bridesmaid-Jeryl Brooks

Jeryl, sister-in-law of the Bride, is the mother of David Brooks (Ring Bearer)...the cutest little boy ever! This summer, Jeryl & Jeff are expecting the newest addition to their family. Currently, Jeryl works as a stylist in Clarence, NY.

Groomsman-Jeffrey Brooks

Jeff is the Bride's younger brother and the first Brooks child to get married! Currently, Jeff is working hard as a new father while finishing up his degree at Canisius College. The family resides in Clarence, NY.

Bridesmaid-Abigail Campanie

Abby is the Groom's younger sister and a Hamilton graduate, Class of 2006. Currently, Abby lives in Brooklyn, NY where she is in her 2nd year at Brooklyn Law School.

Groomsman-Jason Brooks

Jason is the Bride's brother and eldest of the 3 Brooks children. After moving across the country and back, Jason is currently living in Buffalo, NY. He spends his time working on TV show productions for a local media company and hanging out with his adorable girlfriend Charlie.

Ring Bearer- David Emerson Brooks

David E Brooks_2_1
David ("Bubba") is the Bride's nephew, and son of Jeff & Jeryl Brooks. It seems he started preparations for his role at the wedding quite some time in advance by demonstrating his walking skills at only 9 months!