Ceremony Details:

Sakharpuda, the engagement ceremony, literally means 'a packet of sugar' which is given to each other. For this ceremony, bridegroom's mother applies haldi-kumkum and offers a saree to the bride, as a token of her acceptance in their family, into which bride is supposed to changeThereafter, the bridegroom's mother does Oti Bharane and gives Sakharpuda - a cone shaped decorative parcel filled with pedhe(sweets) which symbolizes the spreading of sweetness in their lives. 

This means first, bridegroom's side has to give their word to bride's side that they have fixed the alliance. Similarly, to give their consent in return, the bride's mother applies kumkum tilak to the groom and his father and haldi-kumkum to groom's mother and gives a Kurta or any other clothing item and also the Sakharpuda to the groom. 

After this ritual, the bridegroom puts a ring on the bride's ring-finger - anamika -of the left hand. 
The similar process is repeated by the bride on the groom's ring finger of the right hand. 

The guests are offered with sweets and dinner. The engaged couple meets the guests and pays respect to elders by touching their feet. 

This ceremony signifies the agreement of the alliance witnessed by many people. 
Dinner Arrangements:

Dinner will be served after rings are exchanged by the Bride and the Groom.