The Ladies

I am so fortunate to have such an amazing group of women as my bridesmaids. They each are special to me and I cannot wait to have them stand beside me when I marry Jeremy.

Maid Of Honor

Caitlin Gordon
Caitlin is my baby sister, even though she is 20 now. Eek! She is such a wonderful person with the biggest heart, which makes her perfect to be a nurse once she graduates from Nursing school. We text each other about the silliest things and she is my go to person for any race or crazy workout I want to do. 

Matron of Honor


Kalinda Tenborg

I met Kalinda during our Freshman year at KSU. We became fast friends, especially after we bonded over our fear of aliens (true She is such a hard worker, and I admire so many things about her. We lived together three years of college. We can talk about anything together and we really enjoy our Saturday mornings of garage sales! Jeremy and I love hanging out with her and her husband playing board games. 


Heather McKinney
Heather has been my one of my best friends since 7th grade. We hated each other at first, but soon came to realize we had a lot in common. We have been through so much together and I can count on her even now that she's living in Germany. We try and have skype "dates" as often as possible in order to keep in touch. She has a beautiful son and wonderful husband. 



Kara Camalier

Kara and I met freshman year at K-state as well. We always have so much fun together and can talk for hours on the phone. We have still managed to stay best friends even though she has lived in Denver, Chicago, Houston and now Dallas.  This beautiful woman will not be able to attend the wedding due to her job in Dallas, but she's still considered a bridesmaid in my book!


aug 7
Kat Tadtman
This appears to be a trend, but I met Kat Freshman year at KSU also. She has such a bright sunny personality and has the best laugh! We have fun no matter what we are doing and usually end up laughing for hours. We share a love of "Sex and the City" and can often be heard quoting different lines from the show. I had the honor of being a bridesmaid in her wedding last year. Her husband is one of Jeremy's groomsmen. 



Rachel Jones

And once again, Rach and I met freshman year. She is the "Mom" of the group, and often cooked for many of us. She has also been known to cook soup and bring it over to you when you're sick. We lived together 2 different years while at KSU and so many of my fun memories of college and since have her involved. 

The Men

Every life is many days, day after day. We walk through ourselves, meeting robbers, ghosts, giants, old men, young men, wives, widows, brothers-in-love. But always meeting ourselves.
James Joyce

Best Man

Daniel Dickerson

It goes without saying that I've known Dan my whole life, but I just said it. Yeah. Anyway, I consider every one of these guys my brothers, however, Dan is by blood. But, we've only been friends for about 12 years. If you have a brother you understand. Brothers by blood, friends by choice(and beer), Dan and I have had great times giving people a hard time, mostly each other. Dan is a teacher, and I could not be more proud of him. If you see him at the wedding and are scared that he is shaping young minds, don't worry he's not always like that.


Sean O'Brian

Sean Patrick O'Brian, I overheard him introduce himself this way once and the gentleman he was meeting said "Why didn't they just paint you green son?!", I found it quite funny. Sean probably holds some sort of record for being Best Man at weddings. There is a reason for this, I don't think anyone who has spent any significant amount of time with him does not love the guy. I have yet to find anyone who calls him a friend that does not hold him as one of their best. Calling Sean loyal is like saying the Sun is kinda bright. He did pull a jerk move and relocate to Denver after College. So be sure to tell him how awesome KC is, and maybe he'll move here and a dozen more people can have another best friend.


Dylan Campbell

Dylan and I are almost too similar to have become friends. One of those cases of the things other people tolerate about you but you find intolerable in others. Good thing our Dad's are really good friends, and there is such a thing in the universe as beer(noticing a theme here?). Don't take that first statement the wrong way, I'm talking about how we both have smartest guy in the room syndrome(and are usually right, unless we're in the same room, in which case I win), stick to our principles in the face or adversity, and don't back down from challenges to our beliefs for anything. Also, we're both kind of jackasses, trust me, you'll see at the wedding. Dylan is a true friend and has just started a family with his beautiful wife Paige, so be sure to congratulate him as well when you see him.


Brian Coleman

If Sean holds a record for being Best Man, Brian probably has the one for being a Groomsman. I don't think I've been to a wedding in the last 5 years in which he was not a member of the wedding party. I thought about giving the dude a break, but how could I deprive the world of Coleman in a suit? When I think of Brian I always think of the aphorism "Carpe Diem". This guy seizes the day and throttles it, I've never met a harder worker, and time spent with him seems fuller, more lived. But, he doesn't have to work to be a great friend, and generally awesome human being. He's also secretly extremely funny, but don't put him on the spot, you just gotta wait for it. His lovely wife Whitney is pregnant with their first child. Hopefully the little man is not early otherwise you will miss the best worn suit West of the Mississippi and some classic inappropriate humor.


Brian Tadtman

Brian Tadtman is a lawyer, in not one but two(3?) states. I weep for the legal system. Some of the best times of my life have been had with this guy but they cannot be recounted on a website that doesn't have an age check. I'm really having trouble describing his personality besides infectious, in a good way. To paraphrase and clean up a quote from Almost Famous, he's the guy who finds the one person who is not having a good time, and he MAKES them have a good time. Brian is also extremely intelligent, I can talk and argue with him for hours and it never degenerates from actual intellectual conversation. I always walk away feeling smarter, but knowing that I didn't win.


Richard Ottley

I recently drove 5 hours in a car with barely working A/C in 115* heat to go to this guy's wedding. That is not a comment about me being a good friend, it is a comment on how I would not miss seeing someone make one of my oldest and best friends the happiest man in the world. I met Richard the first day of Kindergarten and I think we played Tinker Toys. I had to really work to paraphrase what I wanted to say about all these guys, but if I went into a real description of how good a friend Richard is and all the classic times we have had together I could write for a week. The guy is not just my friend, he is a fixture in my life. I think the times we've saved each other's lives is in the double digits. If I had to pick one memory, it would be sitting around bs'ing and smoking cigars on the couch we threw in the back of your truck. Good times forever, buddy.