Maid Of Honor


Nicole Zewen

Sister of the Bride

Nicole is Lindsey's sister who is four years older. She married John Zewen in July 2006 and they currently reside in Luxemburg (just past Dyersville). She has a beautiful daughter, Mylee, and a handsome baby boy, Jared. Nicole works as a daycare associate at Kid Project in Dyersville.


Best Man


Alex Burroughs

Friend of Couple

Alex has been friends with Andy since middle school, and became friends with Lindsey when Andy and Lindsey began dating. Alex graduated from NICC in May 2008. Alex has a house in Asbury and currently works at Unison. He is currently engaged to Kameron Kirschbaum (Lindsey's love), to be married May 21, 2011. Ironically, Andy is also Alex's best man and roommate.



Ashley Ehlers

Sister of Bride

Ashley is two years older than Lindsey. She graduated from Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge, IA in May 2010. She has her degree in dental hygiene. Currently, she works as a CNA at Mount Carmel, and is actively seeking work in the dental hygiene field.



Adam Wills

Friend of Couple/Roommate of Groom

Adam has been friends with Andy since before middle school, and friends with Lindsey when Andy and Lindsey started dating as well. Andy lived with Adam for three years. Two years ago, Adam bought 10 acres of land and put a trailer on it in Leadmine, WI. Andy and Adam used to hang out throughout high school along with Hamm and Dan (other groomsmen). Since graduating high school, the group has remained close.



Amy Jo Ehlers

Sister of the Bride

Amy is seven years younger than Lindsey. She is a sophomore at Senior High School. She loves to be part of the school plays, musicals, and choir. After high school, Amy currently plans to attend Clarke College to become a pediatric nurse.



Jeremy Hamm

Friend of Couple

Jeremy has been friends with Andy middle school (or something like that). He also became friends with Lindsey when Andy and her began dating. Jeremy graduated from Southwest Tech in 2007. Hamm currently works at Ainley Kennels. In his spare time, he works on his pulling truck and hangs out with his FIANCE (woo hoo! Hot Cheese 'n Hamm!), Cheese (AKA Heather).



Kameron Kirschbaum

Friend of Couple

Kameron has been friends with Andy for about five years, and Lindsey immediately fell in love with her when she began dating Andy. Kameron currently attends the University of Wisconsin-Platteville for environmental engineering. Her spare time has been consumed with planning her own wedding along with Lindsey's, and helping her fiance (Alex) fix up their house. Lindsey will be a bridesmaid in Kameron's wedding as well.



Dan Ristau

Friend of Couple

Dan has been friends with Andy since high school. As with all the others, Dan became friends with Lindsey when Andy started bringing her around. Dan currently works for Shade Tree.

Flower Girl


Alison Leibold

Cousin of Groom

Alison is the adorable little cousin of Andrew. Her parents are Mark and Susan (Suki) Leibold, of Fort Atkinson, IA. She is in kindergarten, and the proud younger sister of Ethan.

Flower Girl


Mylee Zewen

Niece of Bride

Mylee is two years old, and currently likes to spend her time watching Sesame Street, sitting on her baby brother's head when Mommy's not looking, and playing outside. She is the daughter of Nicole and John Zewen. She also claims to be a grandpa's girl and likes to take naps with him.

Ring Bearer


Ethan Leibold

Cousin of Groom

Ethan is the older brother of Alison, and son of Mark and Susan Leibold. About a year before Andy proposed, Ethan informed Andy that he wanted to be his PALLBEARER at his wedding. Now's his time! Ethan loves to play sports and work on the farm. He also just made his first communion in 2010.



Jacob Beighle

Friend of Couple

Jake, known more commonly as Cuba Kid, has been friends with Andy since Andy started college. Lindsey adopted Cuba Kid as her favorite teddy bear of Andy's when she met him. Cuba Kid currently attends Southwest Tech to become a mechanic.



Ryan Brinkman

Friend of Couple

Ryan has been friends with Lindsey since college, as he was engaged to Cindy, one of Lindsey's first friends at Loras. Ryan then fell in love with Andy when they met. Andy claims it was love at first sight. Ryan just got married on December 26, 2009 to Cindy Thelke. During which, Andy and Lindsey were a host couple. They currently reside in Dyersville. Ryan graduated from the University of Dubuque in May 2010 and works as an accountant. Ryan and Cindy are also expecting their first bundle of joy in the fall 2011.

Personal Attendant


Lindsey Krapfl

Friend of Couple

Lindsey Krapfl (AKA Lindsey1 or Lindsey Lou) has been friends with Lindsey2 (Goose's Lindsey) since they began at Loras College. Lindsey1 became friends with Andy when Lindsey2 and Andy began dating. Lindsey1 (previously Lindsey Spoden) got married in August 2008 to Eben Krapfl. Lindsey2 was a bridesmaid in Lindsey1's wedding. Lindsey1 graduated from Loras in December 2010 with an unified early childhood degree. Currently, Eben and Lindsey1 reside in Dyersville and are the proud parents of the adorable young man named Elijah.