Attending ( 46 )
Melissa Holmes & Jay Skurski ( 2 ):

We'd better be there!

Mike and Brigid ( 2 ):

I guess we should go!

Sam and Dena Lunetta ( 2 ):

I'm going to get one of my graffiti vandals to make a BIG "Just Married" sign for the two of you....(For real)...(Not Kidding)....I can get it done for you....

Teri & Cliff Holmes ( 2 ):

we are looking forward to spending your special day with you

Phyllis & Warren Holmes ( 2 ):

Of course we'll be there. Our Baby has finally met the man of her dreams & we need to let him know, Jay, "SHE'S ALL YOURS!" We love you both very much.

Maribeth Alaimo and Jonah Bronstein ( 2 ):

We will be there...but we're each bringing separate dates.

Jim Banko ( 2 ):


Me and Jackie Walker will dance the night away!

Nicole Palmisano ( 1 ):

Of course I will be there...I mean I'm a bridesmaid!! But I really can't wait to share your special day with you! Love you both!

Mr & Mrs. Sengbusch ( 2 ):

Well I guess we can stay up past 9:30 for our 3rd son - are extremely happy to be included.... that will mean (5) sengbusch family members - can you handle?

Briana and Jamus Jegier ( 2 ):

Bri promises to make sure AJ and Uncle Steve are on time! Can't wait to see your special day Jay Daniel.

Nikki DellaPenta & Anthony Anderson ( 2 ):

Can't wait to see the beautiful Bride! We wouldn't miss it!

Gerry and Sue Gipp ( 2 ):

Looking forward to sharing in your special day.

Stanley and Dianne Pearce ( 2 ):

It would be our pleasure to share in this special occasion.

david montante ( 1 ):

This will be the best new years ever, can't wait.

Bryan and Shelly Meigs ( 2 ):

It will be an honor to witness your marriage and be a part of your celebration. Thank-you.

Uncle Braden & Aunt Nancy ( 4 ):

Better have an open bar to come to Buffalo in the winter!!!! We're excited to see you and meet Melissa

Henry & Lenora Andrews ( 2 ):

Hank can't wait to dance the night away while celebrating with the newlyweds!!

Eric O'Connor and Jessica Moran ( 2 ):

You both rule... keep it up

Russell Nowakowski ( 1 ):

Mary, Jake & Rebecca Kurzawa ( 3 ):

We received your beautiful invitation, sent in our RSVP & reserved our room at the Millennium. We are very excited & look forward to New Year Eve.

Ahmed and Maggie Rashwan ( 2 ):

Wouldn't miss it ! :)

Aunt Nancy & Uncle Bob ( 2 ):

Our RSVP is in the mail. Looking forward to ring in 2010 at your wedding.

Mylous Hairston ( 2 ):

I am honored to attend and look forward to celebrating with you and Jay, the first night of your new life as husband and wife. Congratulations!

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