We are excited to know who will be attending! Please RSVP below, and in the comment box, please state how many Children, Vegetarians, or people with special dietary needs will be in your party.


Attending ( 152 )
Rick and Toni Lane ( 2 ):

See you on Friday at the rehearsal!

Adrienne, George, Katherine and Tata ( 4 ):

Going shopping for bridesmaid and flower girl dresses today! :)

Laura S. Lane (aka Mamita) ( 1 ):

I wouldn't miss it for the world! I'll be there "with rings on my fingers, and bells on my toes" (words from an old song, baby boy, from before the days you rocked my world!
Special dietary needs: two pieces of that wedding cake!

Susan Lenard ( 4 ):

Bob and I will definitely be in attendance. Leslie and Makayla are hopeful they can join us and are 75% sure they will. Looking forward to being back home - I lived in Murfreesboro for 4 years while in college at MTSU so I know the area - or at least how it used to be. In fact I may be the only out of towner familiar with Bellbuckle, TN - great party fields.

AImee Karnes ( 2 ):

I am so honored to be part of such a special day for Michael and Marisa.

Diane (Mommy-san) and Dale Floyd ( 2 ):

When Michael asked me what I would think if he asked Marisa to marry him, I told him nothing would make me happier! That is so true--the two of you are so wonderful, your joy just spills out onto the rest of us, enhancing all our lives! Meanwhile, I am contentedly preparing our home in happy anticipation of your wedding.

Dan and LaVora and Mary Alyce ( 3 ):

Your Grandparents and aunt will be at our wedding because we love you, Michael, and we have already found Marisa ultra loveable, too. As you two make a lifetime covenant before God remember who you are and be mindful of those behind you. Most of all, take God into account in your life together.
"Trust God from the bottom of your heart. Don't try to figure our everything on your own. LIsten for God's voice in everything you do, everywhere you go. He's the one who will keep you on track."

Bill/Dad and Pam/pseudo-stepmom ( 2 ):

We will be there assuming we finish the last of our dance lessons in time!

Jose & Tamera Espinoza ( 2 ):

We are excited to attend. You make a beautiful couple. . . and a beautiful wedding website! Congratulations and we will see you soon!

Connie Shulman ( 3 ):

Hey there!...Ephraim, Gus, and I will be there with bikinis on, as it will probably be 110degrees....Reed is working, and can't come, but sends sun screen and lots of love. Also, Ephraim has LOTS of food it possible to have a pasta (egg-free)....just butter/ fancy stuff (he has an egg/nut/beef/soy allergy so no fun.......thanks! connie

Alberta McClain ( 4 ):

I will be honored to attend.

Richard and Eileen Crane ( 2 ):

We look forward to everything but Marisa's dance with the father of the bride; something she surely dreads, as well. We are semi-vegetarians - no beef, pork or lamb. Fish or chicken is fine because they are too dumb to hold a grudge, as you soon-to-be-vets well-know.

Doris and Othur Garrett ( 2 ):

Barbara, Carl, and Carrie Brooks ( 3 ):

We are looking forward to meeting your bride and being with you and the family. We luv ya lots.

lance selva and jennifer o'brien ( 2 ):

I'm emotionally distraught but will muster the energy to attend.

A'ndrea, Reid, Dakota, and "Bug" Fisher ( 3 ):

One lovely child on the outside with us, as well as another on the inside. Just wait until you see my belly and amazing farmer tan in a bridesmaid dress!!! Too sexy!!!

Buford and Lexie Floyd ( 2 ):

Mitch and Leigh Taub ( 2 ):

Sebastian Marks ( 1 ):

I'll be there without bells, but kinda would like to bring my tent and canoe and make a camping trip out of it! Congratulations to you guys.

Eli and Lauren Kennedy ( 2 ):

My little monkey is growing up! I can't wait to be there!

Elizabeth Cato and Pat Patrick ( 2 ):

Tomas Martin and Marisol Benitez ( 2 ):

Anonymous ( 1 ):

Marisol and I are looking forward to share on your happiness. Felicidades, chicos!

Elise Jones ( 2 ):

Glenn and Laura Armitage ( 2 ):

Richard and Betina Onderka ( 5 ):

Jeremy Shulman ( 2 ):

Proud of u lil Ris!!!!!

Ben and Lindsey McLean ( 2 ):

Can't wait!

Susan, Alec and Case Taylor ( 3 ):

Happy for both of you and looking forward to being with you on your big day!

Dodie Duffy ( 1 ):

I am looking forward to your special day. I wish Shawn could be there, too...

Meakin and Marie Lane ( 2 ):

Mrs. Connie Boruff ( 1 ):

Helen and Craig Lupton-Smith ( 4 ):

Marisa and Michael, we're so excited for you! Lots of love from us.

Mr. and Mrs. Tai Federico ( 2 ):

Vegetarian? NOT! Children? :-) Special Drinking Needs? Lots

Peter and Jeneen Floyd ( 2 ):

We're so excited to be apart of this wonderful day! We will be leaving the baby with a babysitter (its a little past her bedtime) so it should be just us two. Peter will eat almost anything but Jeneen would like a vegetarian plate if the meat is anything other than fish or fowl. SEE YOU SOON!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Ware ( 2 ):

We are so excited for you!

Nathan and Katrena Floyd ( 2 ):

Bette Shulman ( 2 ):

Joy and love to you, Marisa and Michael. Have a happy and sweet time together. Don and I are happy that we get to celebrate with you on the 26th.

kine zahmed diagne ( 1 ):

Debra and Coy Brinkley ( 2 ):

Susie, Terry, Rosalie, and Isabella Comer, and Mrs. Gumm ( 5 ):

Thomas ( 1 ):

No comment.

Patsy Cottrell and Ross Alderman ( 2 ):

Kine and Zahmed ( 4 ):

This is the real number ha ha

Adam and Adama ( 4 ):

Jha-jha-jha-jha JHIA!!!! yee, yee knee yee meet geet ee teest leek thees eef yee leekee!! We're both excited!

Allegra Marks ( 1 ):

Robert Levy and Bonnie Hazelgrove ( 2 ):

Mr. and Mrs. James Anderson ( 2 ):

1 Vegetarian

Mr and Mrs Todd Lockett ( 2 ):

Sorry for being late! Look forward to being able to celebrate with you!! :-)

Samantha Clinton and Aaron Dockery ( 2 ):

I'm so excited for you both. We love you guys and know that you two will be happy for the rest of your lives. I look at you two and see so much love and happiness. God bless you both and can't wait until the wedding. Aaron and I love you both and wish you nothing but happiness and bright things in the future, Samantha and Aaron

Randy and Lisa Clinton ( 2 ):

We're very excited for you both and wish you nothing but happiness and love. Randy and Lisa Clinton

John, Amy and the boys ( 5 ):

We look forward to celebrating with you two.

Barnie and Linda Weaver ( 2 ):

We're very happy for you and just can't believe you're all grown up! I still look at you as that little girl waiting tables at the Bell Buckle Cafe! See you at the wedding! Love, Linda and Barnie

Kim Oxley and Jason Marson ( 2 ):

Carol and Ralph Chubb ( 2 ):

We are looking forward to being with you all at the wedding.

Rob Lytle ( 1 ):

Kash and Charity ( 2 ):

I heard it was going to be cold that night... I might have to start a fire!!

Holly, Tony, Megan, & Dominic Peters ( 4 ):

Meat only! That's right, absolutely no veggies for!

Randy D. Lane ( 2 ):

I will be coming and bringing my mom Lallie Lane.
It is going to be a great and 1derful day.

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Wicks ( 2 ):

Hey, sorry this is so late, but you knew we were comming and we can't wait! Enjoy every moment leading up to your big day - see you soon! xoxo

Randall and Angie Veugeler ( 2 ):

I can't wait!!!

Keith Rollie ( 1 ):

7 is pretty late... Is this a black wedding?! Yeah I'll be there and might have a date but not sure yet.

Erin Taylor and Max Poppel ( 2 ):

Looking forward to it

Amanda Fanning and Mark Widner ( 2 ):

Nothing special as far as dietary needs. Looking forward to it!

Venson and Faye Hawkins ( 2 ):

God bless you both!

Marie and Meakin Lane ( 2 ):

We are looking forward to your beautiful wedding!

Frederick and Marcia Altman ( 2 ):

Michael and Marisa we are delighted to attend your wedding.

Not Attending ( 32 )
Ryan and Carla Butler ( 1 ):

I wish we could be there to share in your joy. Congratulation!!

Ana and Rob Talton ( 2 ):

Mr. and Mrs. Wymer Wiser ( 2 ):

with regrets

Jim and Karen Wilson ( 2 ):

Regret that we are unable to attend.

Robert and Jessica Gass ( 2 ):

Very sorry. Wish we could be there, but we will be unable to make it. Best wishes to you both!

David, Kathy, Stephanie, and Meghan Seiler ( 4 ):

With regrets

Mrs. Laura Lovell ( 1 ):

Will be thinking of you

Dan, Daphne, and Sammie Sprinkle ( 3 ):

Michael and Marisa,
So sorry to miss this blessed event. Very best wishes
-Dan, Daphne, and Sammie

Mickey and Diane Sims ( 2 ):

So sorry Mickey will be in Utah on the 26th for a conference. Best wishes for a wonderful wedding!!

George and Iva Dean Cook ( 1 ):

Wishing you much love and happiness in your life together. Congratulations to you.

Sue Burford and Wayne Hager ( 1 ):

Marilyn and Frank Kitchel ( 1 ):

Regretfully, we will be at Cooperstown,N.Y attending a long awaited Little League Tournament with Frank's 12 yr. old grandson. Their team from Scottsdale, Az. have earned this special slot and we promised to be there. Love to you both on your special day. Marny

Danny and Jane Maddox ( 1 ):

Sorry for the late response. I tried very hard to make it work but I could not make it happen. Have several drinks and one dance for me. With
lots of love, congratulations, Danny and Jane Maddox

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Whitwell ( 2 ):

We will be out of town. We hope you have a blessed day!

Nathaniel, Laura and Sadie Taylor ( 3 ):

Welcker Taylor and Katie Powers ( 2 ):

Claiborne and Stacy Taylor ( 2 ):

Yes No

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