Kato Drys & Xylotymbou

Some of you may be wondering what the words under our parents' names on the invitations mean...  They are the names of the villages that our parents are from.

Margarita's family on both sides has, through the generations, all come from Kato Drys (she likes to think of herself as thoroughbred).

Mike's family all come from Xylotymbou although some originally are from Limpia & Varosi (villages which are in the part of Cyprus that is still under illegal Turkish occupation).

Our children (all in good time, don't get excited) will therefore be muddlebloods.  Margarita has just about come to terms with this.

Kato Drys

Kato Drys

Kato Drys is a small village high up in the mountains of Cyprus.

It is the most beautiful village in the Larnaca District, in the whole of Cyprus, in the world.

It was even on the back of the Cyprus pound note (R.I.P. the Cyprus Pound).

It even has its own Facebook group (which, admittedly, I did create).


More than a village but not quite a town, Xylotymbou is a bustling 'comopolis' with schools, clinics, shops and several kafenia (old-school coffee shops) - there is even a bar!

It is one of the 'Red Villages', so called because of the bright colour of the iron-rich earth, which is excellent for growing potatoes.

Twenty minutes from the centre of Larnaca, ten minutes from the beach - good times.