Please use this section of the website to RSVP and let us know if you will be able to attend the wedding.  Feel free to RSVP at any time.  For those without computer access, we will be accepting RSVP's over the phone (more information will be provided in the invitations).

Attending ( 89 )
Tina Kaliko ( 1 ):

will glady attend this most joyous event!

Linda and Al Fremder ( 2 ):

Wouldn't miss it for the world.

Brad Appell ( 1 ):

congrats ;-)

Jason and Olivia Beattie ( 2 ):

i guess we can make ourselves available?

Mr. & Mrs. James R Adams III ( 2 ):

Will be there with bells on! We cant wait to see you again Mike and met this amazing women who has stolen your heart.

Stephen & Kelly Beattie & Sean Tackaberry ( 3 ):

Looking forward to a wonderful day

Ronald & Rosalind Towers ( 2 ):

We will be there as part of the Snitowsky contingent to celebrate with one and all

Sarah Heckles & Scott Berggren ( 2 ):

Mr. Michael Brown and Ms. "Guest" ( 2 ):

Can't think of anything witty to write here. Good to know that Midwood will be well represented?

Uncle Joe and Aunt Mary Gail Kaliko ( 2 ):

We will be there!!

Claire Kiefer ( 1 ):


Erica Mikesh & Melissa Neufer ( 2 ):

Can't wait!

Jess Malec & Mark Townsley ( 2 ):

Congratulations Mike and Aviva!!! Can't wait for the big day :)

Paul and Mia Fremder ( 2 ):

Very Excited to see my Little Ricelette get married! RIIIIIIIIIIICE!!!!!

Nathan and Lisa Higgins ( 2 ):

Yay! I'm really looking forward to this. I always hearken back to when you two met... memories!

Shelby and Glenn Ald ( 2 ):

Looking forward to celebrating with you!

Ryan and Annie Rossier ( 2 ):

Should we bring Motif?.... you remember the goldfish you and jen (last name) got me for my birthday freshman year? OK, perhaps not, but damn boyee, looking forward to it!

Lee Aleksich ( 2 ):

I don't think Adam will be able to make it so I'm going to bring my cousin Richard.
Love ya both!

Becky Simon & Chris Agee ( 2 ):

see you soon!

Sarah Reul & Nick Malfroy ( 2 ):

Yay! We can't wait. See you soon -

Andrea Powell ( 1 ):

Congrats you two ! See you soon -

Megan and Jon LeBoon ( 2 ):

Can't wait! See you soon.

Lisa Beattie ( 2 ):

I am really attending alone but figured I would want a second dinner...just kidding, there will be 2 :)

Margarita ( 2 ):


Scott brill ( 2 ):

Since I am sitting with you guys right now I guess I should attend

Scott & Jessica Wood ( 2 ):

Can't wait! Congrats.

Nama Taub and Jonathan Wilkofsky ( 2 ):

looking forward to dancing the hora - a second time!

Gidi Goldberg ( 1 ):

I will be happy to brave the cold for a few days for this momentous occasion.

Steven, Tobe , Emily and Sam Snow ( 4 ):

We look forward to sharing this wonderful day with you and your families.
Love, Tobe

Gail Olmstead ( 1 ):

Looking forward to the big event.

Chris Hand & Jenn Sims ( 2 ):


Tony and Aimie DeMarco ( 2 ):

Looking forward to meeting Aviva and seeing you again. Congratulations!

Barry & Melvina Wood ( 2 ):

Stephanie Wood ( 2 ):

Tracy Lauchaire and Jeff DaVIS ( 2 ):

Shannon Tackaberry and Guest ( 2 ):

Even though I was not invited, can I still come?
I am home from Italy until late January

Alexandra Itskovich ( 1 ):

Congratulations!!!! I am Elise Laurenti's friend. Thanks for the invitation!

Nick Srikanth ( 2 ):

Congratulations Mike! It'll be great to catch up - it's been way to long.

Chris Roszkowski ( 1 ):

Congratulations Mike and Aviva!


Matthew Filippelli & Christine Miller ( 2 ):

Congratulation, and looking forward to seeing you soon!

florence and alan siegelberg ( 2 ):

Michael Noe ( 1 ):

Janice Farley ( 1 ):

It will be so delightul and such an honor to be there. Congratulations!

Michael & Christine Paese ( 2 ):

Jane and Gregory Houle' ( 2 ):

Can't wait to see everyone.

Gidi talks mad crap about you ( 4 ):

Gidi Goldberg told us he thought your wedding was stupid and ugly

Not Attending ( 40 )
Lee Ald and Susan Gong ( 1 ):

Dear Aviva and Mike:

Please excuse us from attending your joyous celebration. Unfortuantely, Susan and I will be in China. We wish it were otherwise.

We have set aside the last week in February for celebrating with you in California.

Susan and I wish you a wonderful wedding day and all the best to the both of you in the future.


Lee and Susan
Petaluma, CA

Eitan and Michelle Goldberg ( 1 ):

Congratulations Mike and Aviva. We wish we could be there for this great day. We are expecting our new arrival on the 16th, so travel is not really an option. Enjoy this spectacular day and all that follow

Helene and Terry Bullock ( 2 ):

Congratulations Aviva and Mike. In as much as we'd love to attend, we are not accustomed to freezing temperatures and
possible snow. Feel free to come and visit us in "sunny"
California. You have an open invitation.

Love, Helene and Terry

feel free

Lee Schreiber ( 1 ):

Congratulations and best wishes on your forthcoming wedding. Sorry I won't be able to attend due to the freezing
temperatures and find it difficult to travel that distance.

Love, Aunt Lee

Lee Rubin ( 1 ):

Sorry I can't make it! I have a work obligation in Orlando that I can't miss. Congratulations to the both of you and enjoy your special day! :)


Bea Ganeles ( 1 ):

Fairy tales do exist!!! But I will not be there to see the beginning of this one. As the old Jewish saying goes--ENJOY THE EVENT AND YOUR LIFE THEREAFTER. Love, Bea

Greg Ald ( 1 ):

Thank you very much for the invite. I unfortunately will not be able to attend as i will be out of town on business. All the best to both of you!
Love, Greg

Matt & Joan Kleinman ( 2 ):

Sorry we can't make it....we have a babysitting gig that entire week-end. Our very best to you!

Chandra Towers-Blatt and Dan Blatt ( 2 ):

Boo Hoo! I wish we could attend, but unfortunately our nephew's (Dan's brother's son) birthday party is that same day... and we can't miss it. Have a great time. We look forward to seeing lots of pix! :)

Iris Donchin ( 1 ):

So sorry I will not be able to attend. Best wishes!

Marly (Beanie) Gisser & Thomas Gaudynski ( 2 ):

Aviva and Mike - So sorry we can't make it to the wedding -- a trip is just not in our budget at this time, both being self-employed. Best wishes always,

Mr.&Mrs.AnthonyMistretta ( 1 ):

Sorry we can't attend,we will be in CA. the whole month of Jan. With our daughter and family. We wish you both a wonderful life together.

cousins Anthony,Angela Mistretta

Mr.&Mrs. Louis Mistretta ( 1 ):

Sorry that we won't be able to attend your wedding.
We wish you all the Happiness in the world.
Love, Cousins
Louie & Mary Mistretta

cathy jerome and jeff ( 1 ):

congrats and wish you a great and happy life together!sorry we cannot make it .love cathy

Susan and Peter Foley ( 2 ):

Mike and Aviva,
So sorry that we cannot attend your wedding. I am really happy for you and wish you a wonderful life together. MIke, I hope to see you and meet Aviva when you move back to this area. I know your Mom is really happy for you. Susan

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Laurenti ( 2 ):

Sorry that we will not be able to attend your wedding.
Best Wishes.

Larry and Arlene Laurenti

William & Lennie Steinmetz ( 2 ):

Sorry that we won't be able to join you. Congratulations to you both! Lennie & Bill

Janis and Stewart Altmayer ( 2 ):

I'm so sorry we won't be able to attend. I know it will be a glorious day. Congratulations to you!!! Janis

Shelley Fox and Tom Aries ( 1 ):

We are so sorry we won't be able to join you on your special day.
Shelley Fox and Tom Aries

Chris States ( 1 ):

With much regret, we cannot make it. Congratulations and best wishes for a long and happy marriage!
-Chris & Germaine

Craig Talarek and Kristin Lins ( 2 ):

Mike and Aviva, We are sorry, but unfortunately won't be able to attend, as we have a prior engagement in Connecticut that weekend. Good luck and best wishes to you both!

Fran and Bert Gordon ( 1 ):

Wish we could be there with you. Best wishes and lots of love! Fran, Bert, and Michael Gordon

bruno laurenti and family ( 1 ):

sorry aviva best wishes

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lauirenti ( 2 ):

Our best wishes for a very happy life together Mike and Aviva! Love to your family.

Nancy and Ron Kohn ( 1 ):

Dear Aviva and Mike,

Ron and are so very happy for you. We wish you good health, happiness and success.

We are in Aruba the month of January, but do feel sad that we cannot attend your wedding. It's a great place for a honeymoon though ;) hint, hint.....

Love to you both,
Nancy and Ron Kohn - friends of Shirley and Paul's and of course the rest of the family!

Michael Gabbay ( 1 ):

Aviva and Mike
Thanks for the invitation but I cannot attend. I wish you a most joyous day and a healthy life together.

Dinah & Rudy ( 1 ):

Sorry we have to miss your special day. Wishing you both all the best in your life together.

Marilyn Dunckel and Bill Ferguson ( 2 ):

Sorry we son't be able to join you in NYC. Sending much love to you both as you embark on this new adventure -- marriage! We look forward to attending the continuation of your wedding celebration in California in February!!
All our best,
Marilyn and Bill (friends of Elise and Michael)

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Galifi ( 1 ):

Sorry, we will not be able to attend. We wish you much love and happiness together.

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