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First Days of Prep

Paul and I have been engaged for 5 days and already the plans are off and running. Sunday we spent time looking through Bridal Magazines and I showed him the pictures that caught my fancy. We picked our colours (Blue, yellow & orange). We are going to make our own bouquets. Like this:

Or this:

Tied at the base with a blue ribbon.

I think I will wear an orange sash with my wedding dress, I believe the Bridesmaids will be in Blue with an yellow sash, and the groosmens will wear suits with a orange boutineer. 

We are trying to figure out where to get married because there may be a glitch with getting married at the kids camp I grew up going to in the states. It seems that some family members don't have passports and others aren't able to leave the country due to health reasons. We would love to find a picturesque camp around Vancouver somewhere...otherwise I'm not quite sure where to get married!

Alright while I type this Paul has fallen asleep on my shoulder; I should wake him up and send him home. Night!

August 26, 2009

Wow...I didn't realize people had been leaving comments on the guestbook here...I just found it and am so pleased! Paul and I are pretty lucky to have a lot of people that care about us. 

Today Paul and I are exhausted! Yesterday we moved my from my Aunt and Uncle's house, and in to my friend Sarah's aparment where I will live until Paul and I get married! So exciting!

This past weekend Paul and I went over to the Island for my wonderful friend Lisa's wedding. We stayed with our also wonderful friends, Megan and Tyler, and had a great time! Over the weekend we also created our first guest list for the wedding. At the moment we want 240 people there!!! Super crazy! We are pretty much trying to save all our money so we can have people. This is important to us. 

Yesterday I tried on my sister's wedding dress. My sister is pretty much half my size; but her wedding dress is done up with corsets on the back, and therefore, can pretty much fit many sizes. It turns out it totally fits! I have a friend who will hem, and alter it slightly so that it looks perfect. So I will be wearing her dress, which I find super exciting. This means that if I don't have to buy an expensive dress we can have more people at our wedding. This is good news. 

After today I will have more info on our location...I had to wait for the big move across town until I could take the time to get all the location details.

Alright, I have much work to do today...better get started!



September 01, 2009

Location, location, location.

Tuesday was such a long, but good, day!

Paul and I both worked all day, we met up for sushi around 5, and headed over to get my official engagement ring picked out! I totally picked a man's ring, hehe. 

My engagement ring

After that we headed out to Delta for Katie's going away party. There was a large showing of I got to spend some more time with the family members I have only met once. It was great! We got many congratulations wishes. It was a great party for Katie. She is obviously very loved. We will miss her while she is away! the negative. We found out today that we can't get married at the camp we wanted to in White Rock. Right now our guest list is at 240 people. The camp can only hold 130 people. They want to charge $30 a head; I know we can find something between $20 and $25. 

So we don't know where we are getting married. 

Here is what we want:

Location for our reception that holds around 225people. We want the food to be $20 a person; though we know we may have to pay more...this may be a pipe dream.

Ideally the Ceremony location would be near the reception location. We need a ceremony location that doesn't cost a lot to decorate and fits 225people. 

Yup. That's what we want. 

Lets see if we can find it!

I think we are done wedding planning for the week; I am headed on a Campus retreat and Paul is going hunting. 

September 02, 2009

South Hall v. Alpen Club

I lied. We weren't done wedding planning for the week. 

We are stuck between two locations: Alpen Club or South Hall. 

Alpen Hall is offering appies, hall rental and service for $1100 less than South Hall. 

South Hall is offering hall rental, full dinner and service. 

Alpen hall will need more decorating to cover up the intense lodge feel. South Hall is nicer without decorations. We want to keep our decorations to a certain price so that allows us to stick within it. Though if we save on cost of rental we can afford more on decorations.

Oh well....we will decide when Paul gets home. 

Alpen Club:

South Hall:

September 05, 2009


Well I guess it’s time for an update again. We haven’t really made any new plans; though we have solidified many thoughts. For example, I had hoped and planned for my aunt to make the bridesmaids necklaces (and one extra for me for fun since they will be cute) plus my wedding necklace and she has committed to it for sure.

Oh actually something awesome did happen;  we had hoped to do our pre marital counseling with this one couple in the church (the Siewerts). We love their marriage, their family, and the testimony of their life together. They lived in Vancouver 2 years ago (my first year here), moved away to Edmonton for a year and are back as of the end of this summer. Being somewhat new we weren’t sure if we could do our pre marital with them, especially since there are many very qualified couples in our church who already do this counseling. We were praying that it would work with the Siewerts though since we click with them so well. Paul and Kari talk about castrating bulls, Kari and I talk about anything, Paul and Doug connect on many levels including much trash talk about hockey, and I always enjoy a conversation with Doug. We needed to wait to hear from David (Paul’s Dad) and my uncle (the Pastor) to find out if this would be a go. We found out on Wednesday that it is! We are heading over to their place next Thursday for dinner, settlers and our first official hang out as an engaged couple with their family. Yay!

Today I helped my friend make her own wedding bouquets. She had heard that I wanted to try this and asked if I would do her wedding. She gets married tomorrow. So we made her bouquets and they look great! I am so excited to make my own. Even if we had tons of money I would still totally make my own.

We are pretty sure we are going to go with the Alpen Club for our reception. We saw their menu proposal and the food looked great; and best of all the price is awesome.  It is a cozy, lodge feeling environment that is easily made at least nice looking if not super elegant.

I think we figured out what we will do for wedding favours as well! This means that we have made a decision about almost everything: dress, colours, wedding favours, reception hall, meal options, bridal party, officiant, honeymoon, bouquets, invitations, photographer, make up artist, etc.

Left to do: find & book a florist, find & book a ceremony venue, book our reception hall, book our photographer, find a hair dresser, figure out how to execute (within our price range) our table decorating ideas…I can’t think of what else. That may be all the major pieces left.

Alright, I should head to sleep…it’s 2am, I have 2 full days of at least 10 hour days ahead of me…in there is a wedding. Awesome. Night!

September 12, 2009

Not Wedding related

So I feel like a bad updated but we haven't really made any advances in our wedding plans this week so there isn't must to update. Trying to get into the swing of school for Paul, campus for work for me, and packing for Paul and unpacking for me, has been rather hectic. 

We are hoping to meet with the manager at the Alpen club to book with them this week. Sweet. 

We are hoping to meet with our friend to find out if we will book him for our wedding. 

In other news Paul bought shoes this weekend that weren't hiking boots. Shocking. While at it he bought two pairs of pants, and short socks. He is apparently turning into a new person. He also bought me a dress and a purse. I am pretty sure I have the best Fiance in the world. He spoils me with gifts, time and affection. Awesome. I hope that I am able to love him as well as he loves me. Though I am pretty sure Paul feels the most loved when he is fed, and I definitely keep him fed!

I will update at the end of the week with who we have booked with. So exciting.

September 22, 2009

Wedding Inspirations Board

I have made us a wedding inspiration board. That way I can see the decisions we have made.

There are more inspirations on the other side of the board but they are fuzzy in photo. 

Also we picked a photographer: Wally Almoro. We go to church with him. He is a great friend to both of us. We like how he takes photos. 

September 24, 2009

Reception venue booked

We have booked our reception venue. May 1st, 2010. Alpen Club, 33rd and Victoria. We need to decide if we are having a morning wedding followed by afternoon appetizer reception or an early afternoon wedding followed by an appetizer reception in the evening. Thoughts?


Here are photos of the venues: 



October 01, 2009

More Bookings!

ello! It has been some time since I last posted. However as of today, Paul and I have made one more booking!

We will be getting married at Redeemer Lutheran (1499 Laurier Avenue, Vancouver, BC; also on Granville near 25th). Yay!

Here is the building:

Interior of Building

Exterior of Building

It feels great to have found a church! Especially one well under our budget!

I found the dress we hope our flower girl can wear; with her will be my nephew Connor in white pants, an orange shirt and a white tie. They will be soooo cute:

Flower Girl

Major things left to do: book Florist (to order flowers from only since I am making my own boquets; though I am not positive this is needed), find a hairdresser, print & mail invitations, price out exactly where to get each decoration for the tables, find an apartment (which we can't even begin to think about until at least February, but probably March/April - I want to look now! haha), register for gifts, actually pick out & pay for the specific wedding party outfits (though the looks have all been decided), & organize our honeymoon (which we have been advised not to do until January).

We are still have a great time with all of this. We are loving our pre-marital counselling; the guy half of our counselling couple had to go away for a few weeks so we hung out with his wife for a mini-session & 2 rounds of settlers. Super fun. We both love where we live right now. Paul has moved in with his groomsmen & I live with a friend of mine from church. We still live on the same street as each other but now instead of being only 2 minutes apart we are 15. Oh well. Can't always live a block apart. Until we get married! Then we can live together. 

We are spending a lot of time with family, friends & other couples. God has put a lot of people in our lives and we want to enjoy those relationships.

Thank you all for your comments in our guestbook; we love reading them! Please know that even when I don't update I am checking daily to see what you all write since it is a treat to hear from you! I fill Paul in on what you all say. 

Alright, it is my day off, and Paul is on his way over to play a quick round of Settlers (our favorite board game) before he heads to his house. So fun. Later!

October 23, 2009


   It is a rainy Thursday morning. Wind, leaves & rain whip past my windows. Rainy days always make me feel very contemplative….and actually quite content and thankful.  I thought it would be fun to write about where Paul & I are at in life right now….what our lives look like on a daily & general basis.

   God has placed me (& Paul) in amazing families (biological and spiritual). We each come from strong & loving families who offer us support, kindness and so much love. We share a church family; who whenever we need something will drop anything to help. A church family we both have the joy of serving in and with. We both live with friends who are huge gifts from God. My roommate Sarah has opened her beautiful home to me; she has created a space that is welcoming, clean & homey….and nicely decorated. She is funny, helpful and Godly. Paul lives with 2 of his groomsmen (Prakash & Daniel) and a friend. He gets to experience a time of complete bachelor living; complete with poker nights, empty pizza boxes and a bed that is really a futon in the living room…and a cot bed upstairs. He has 2 beds! Neither of which are really beds. He loves it.

   Paul & I split our time between work (Campus Ministry for me), school (History Degree at UBC for him), church and seeing friends (both separately and together).  We have friends over for dinner and games at my place or go out to friends houses. I have women over for meals and coffee and Paul has men over at his place for men’s nights (read poker nights). We play A LOT of board games. Our current favorite is Settlers which we play religiously. One evening we played 7 times in a row! We adapt rules to make the game more exciting for us. We teach everyone we can get our hands on to play. We also love “Ticket to Ride” and any card game. We have started playing “Puerto Rico” with our friends Nick and Laura (Nick is one of Paul’s groomsmen) and that is also a lot of fun. We spend a lot of time laughing…at each other, at silly TV shows, at the funny things we both say. We meet with our pre-marital counselors Doug and Kari frequently…we have so much to talk about with we love playing Settlers with them and their kids…We have met with them at least 8 times so far and have only accomplished 1 out of the 8 actual sessions. We each have at least one set of parents that live in Vancouver. My live really close to Paul & I…actually almost right in between our houses. My sister and her husband are here as well. Between my family and Paul’s cousins, aunts, uncles, etc, we see a lot of family!

   We got our engagement photos taken a few weeks ago out at UBC. The fall leaves & already beautiful campus made a wonderful backdrop. We had a lot of fun playing outdoors. It may have been more play than picture taking…but we got many great pictures, which I will post when our photographer is done editing them. We have to first pick 50 from the 300 for him to edit. Phew! Well it’s actually pretty easy…any photo where either of us has a double chin is right out!

   Paul & I love getting together with couples; married, dating, engaged…Christian or not; we love getting to be a part of the lives of others as they work out what it looks like to love another person. Hard work. We also though really value our friends that aren’t in relationships. I love that dating and now engagement hasn’t cost us our individual friendships….It seems, if anything, that we are closer with those friends. At least I know in my life, I so value those friendships that I have worked hard to keep close relationships with women, apart from Paul.

   We are taking a bit of a break from the wedding planning at the moment; all major decisions are made and we get to rest in this space, enjoying each other and the world God has created around us. Awesome.

Paul & I right after getting engaged

 Paul & I at Lisa and Tony's Wedding. He can only remain serious for one photo at a time:

At a Campus Retreat in Agassiz:


November 05, 2009

Week of people

Life has been crazy the past few weeks. Aside from the usual school/work craziness, Paul's Nana has been in the hospital (he has been there to be with family quite a bit) AND we have seen a lot of people. 

In the past 2 weeks we have been to 2 parties for newly married friends to celebrate their marriage/homecoming. We have had friends over to play games after Brunch. We have hosted 5 friends over for dinner and a games tournament. We have had a double date with new friends that lasted 8 hours! (so much fun). AND spent time just the two of us talking, laughing, playing games, praying and definitely eating.

Life has been crazy but awesome for me. It feels like a whirlwind of hangouts, one-on-ones, bible studies, prayer meetings and staff meetings and I love it! Aside from people Paul & I have over, I have about 5-10 friends over each week for meals or coffee.


November 15, 2009

From Paul

I have never commented (computers and I don't get along very well) or even read anything on this blog. I thought it was about time I did something. So yeah.... Tara is Hot, I love her and am excited to get married. Thanks to all those who read and comment on this blog. See you at the wedding!

Posted by Paul

January 04, 2010

Registry, Invites & more

After a lovely Christmas break filled with family and friends Paul & I found ourselves back in the swing of things; not only with work and school but also wedding planning! 

We are officially getting married May 1st, 2010. 3 and a half months away! In the past weeks I have finished making our wedding invites (I have designed them on the computer and had so much fun doing it) and we have registered for gifts (though we have since decided to switch registry locations; and will have our new registry at Home Outfitters up this weekend - The Bay was ridiculously over priced) and found the bed we will have. Neither of us had really ever gone bed shopping before; it was fun. Definitely felt like a real adult; registering for gifts, choosing a mattress, etc. Super fun. We had a great day!

This week I am house & teen sitting for the couple that does our pre-marital counselling. Paul has been over there lots; we really enjoy hanging out with their kids and playing board games. We can't wait to do that with our own kids. Last night we stayed up figuring out finances for the next year. It is all seeming so real now!

If you have a moment we would love your prayers. In August I sold me car through Craigslist. The guy who bought it did not take it to a mechanics first and is now suing me; since he had since taken it to a mechanic and no longer wants it. It is a huge stress in life right now. We are going to court in March; but have had to fill out lots of paper work. Paul & I both choose to have a lot of integrity in how we do things in life; so we are finding it very frustrating that though we dealt with him in good faith, being completely honest during all parts of the sale, he is trying to blame us for something. Please pray for our stress levels; that we would find peace in this time and not be discouraged. Pray we wouldn't be distracted from our school or work. We believe the outcome should be favorable toward us, as we actually legally are not liable for any of his claims again us; please pray though that this would remain true in front of the court. 

Phew. Other than that we have an exciting few months ahead of us; wedding showers, stags & stagettes, dress/suit fittings, etc. Super fun!

January 20, 2010

Wedding & Non Wedding

Wedding stuff has been going really well. I have pretty much finished the invites; just need to send them out to be printed. I need to find inexpensive, card sized envelopes. any thoughts?
In the beginning I had figured out what the table decorations would look like but since have come up with a whole new idea. So fun! I just need to figure out the best place to get 28 large round vases, and 83 small round vases. Hm. My wonderful bridesmaid Crystal is making labels for all the envelopes. i feel very loved!

This week I will make 3 types of non-dairy creamy soups: Asparagus, Tomato & Celery. I am so enjoyable learning to make things that are healthy, inexpensive and enjoyable. I have discovered recently that I have high cholesterol; the doctor says it isn't super bad yet, but that I need to watch it. I suppose this is supposed to be a bad thing but when it comes to being healthy I really need external motivation so i am actually glad. He says he will see me in 3 months and expects to see change. So right off the bat I went for a run. 1 block running, 1 block walking, etc. I am sore but happy. I have just gone grocery shopping & bought mostly veggies & fish. All the veggies are now chopped, packaged & ready to be made into soups, stirfries, salads & snacks. I love feeling organized.

Back to health, I am very excited to get healthy. i would like to not die early. Also, I didn't even find my wedding motivation enough to get healthy...and I feel like I owe it to my future husband to at least try and be healthy for our long term relationship...not being super healthy runs in my family and i would like to kick this now, not in 30 years.

Paul and I bought our bed last weekend. It is awesome. King-size, top of the range; we have registered for nice bedding (good looking for me, manly for Paul) with a few fun coloured small pillows (not too many so we don't have to take a ton of pillows off each time we get in). 

Ugh, I need to go fold laundry and sort out my dresser. It's all over the place! I need a good system. Any thoughts?

January 30, 2010

Quick thoughts

I only have a minute to write as I have to head out to work shortly but here I am writing from the heart of the Olympics! Living in Vancouver during these 2 week sure is exciting! Paul & I have both gotten jobs in yaletown (which is right near a few venues as well as where the opening & closing ceremonies are). While our jobs are only a block apart we work entirely opposite shifts. The restaurant I am working at has given me all day shifts and Paul works each night from 5pm until 2am grilling burgers in a beer tent. Oh well; we might not be able to see each other for 2 weeks but we are both working to save money towards our wedding, so we have a joint goal which helps.

Last night was an exciting wedding preparation night; I picked up all our centerpieces, and our wedding invites! Thanks to one of my amazing bridesmaids, Crystal, I was able to quickly label all the envelopes and last night put together many invites. Super fun! The more things we buy or book make this all the more real. We are getting married in 76 days (or so the top of this website tells me)!

We are having such fun planning; well lets be honest I am having such fun planning and Paul is enjoying talking over ideas with me, adding some of his own, and then letting me plan again. I <3 planning. Once the Olympics are we can start looking for a place to live. THis is Paul's big job. He is pretty excited. I love that he is doing that; I find looking for homes stressful. I am so excited to see what he finds us!

Alright, I am off to work until church; where I will not only get to worship God, see friends & family but also get to see Paul!


February 14, 2010

Spring days to house hunt

It is a beautiful sunny day. I can hear the roar of lawnmowers outside my apartment. Recently my roommate changed the curtain in our bedroom; it is a beautiful dark green. It lets all the light in. Today I woke up with the sun on my face and a view of a spring day outside. I assumed all this would bug me but it's really quite lovely. 

I am so glad for the peace of this day. I am glad for rest. I am glad for sunshine.

I am a pretty lucky girl. I am marrying a man I love and respect who loves and respects me. I have an amazing family and am marrying in to an amazing family. I like my job and am excited to start a new job in May (who knows what I'll be doing then!). I love my home and am excited to find a home to live with Paul in. I am planning a wedding that is not stressful, only exciting. I have amazing friends. AMAZING. 

Ok Pollyanna, get back to the point:

We are house hunting. Not to buy as we are students but to rent. Vancouver is a tricky climate to find housing in. 

First off I have to say that Paul is amazing. He is great at doing things I am not great at doing. I love going on craigslist and finding apartments that fit our criteria. I love systematically going through all the new listings every day and scouring for deals. I do not love following up on these advertisements. I forward them all to Paul. He hates searching the internet for information but loves contacting renters via phone or email and setting up meetings. I am so glad he loves that because I am overwhelmed by it. We make a great house hunting team. 

Here is our wishlist:
1.Rent $950 or less all included
2. 2 bedrooms
3. Laundry (non-negotiable)
4. Decent sized & outfitted Kitchen
5. Space to host
6. Located on or very near to a major bus route
7. Located between Cambie & MacDonald, between W 4th and 25th. 

Yes, we realize this is most likely impossible unless there is a miracle. Most 1 bedrooms in the west side of Vancouver (which is exactly where we are looking) cost about $950 before hydro/utilities. 

Our basic tension is this: for our budget we can get 1-6 if we choose to live closer to the Hood, where the Mitchell's live around 41st/49th and Fraser/Main. If we want to live on the lower west side then we need to sacrifice 2 and 5. 

We know that Paul will be attending UBC in the fall and hope to both be attending UBC's teacher education program late next year. We know we want to lead a lifegroup. We want our lifegroup to be in the area that we live. Do we feel that we are to be in the southeast or the west? Does God have a plan for this or is he just want us to make a decision ourselves? 

Hmmm....these are the thoughts on my heart. Don't even get me started on a job for May....I can barely contain all the what-if's in regards to housing let alone where I will be employed when my contract is up at the end of April!

So much wedding prep has happened over the last few weeks: 

Flowers: ordered - 4 1/2 bouquets worth of flowers ordered for under $70!
Fabric: Bought and ready to be turned in to ties, sashes & pocket squares
Ties: bought!
Bridesmaids Dresses: Found, bought and fitted
Bridesmaids Jewlery: Beads bought, necklaces half finished
RSVP List: So far 178 yes'; still waiting on about 50 unanswered
Officiant: Booked
(Last night Paul and I met with my Uncle Greg (who is also our church's pastor and performing our wedding) and we went over the ceremony. I thought I wouldn't cry at our wedding but when PG (Pastor Greg) made us practice reciting the vows I almost cried. And that's just the rehearsal! Paul didn't cry.)

March 18, 2010

29 Days

So 29 days until our wedding! 

We have had our first bridal shower (Tupperware shower in Vancouver; we got everything we wanted for Tupperware, so awesome) and our next one coming up next Saturday. 
I had my stagette last weekend; My Bridal party, myself and 15 of my closest friends headed to Agassiz for the weekend. We drank martinis, ate amazing food and thoroughly enjoyed being friends and celebrating the upcoming marriage.

I am hanging out with friends and enjoying being a single gal spending the night at a friends house for a sleepover; which hasn't happened in ages. So lovely.

Hopefully I can find some time this weekend to finalize updates. Good night!
April 03, 2010

27 Days to our new home!

27 Days until the wedding! Oh my gosh; it's so exciting. Seriously I can not believe that in 27 days Paul and I will be married!

Yesterday Paul and I found our new home! It is a basement suite at 39th and Cambie. For those of you not from Vancouver that means it is in a medium nice area next to Queen Elizabeth Park (a beautiful park in the middle of the city). It is a 5 minutue walk to the Skytrain (which is like our subway but partially above ground), the 41 Bus (which goes straight to UBC - Paul's school) and Oakridge mall (which has shopping, food and grocery stores). 

Google maps tells me I am close to family and friends:
Driving Distances:
to Jenna & Colin's (my sister & her hubby): 5 minutes
to church: 5 minutes
to my parents: 7 minutes
to my aunt and uncles (many of our friends live on the same street): 7 minutes away

Transit Distances: 
Half and hour to all the above places!! plus 40 minutes to UBC

The place is a basement suite, 1000 sq feet, 2 bedroom, giant living room, dining area, kitchen and bathroom. There is shared laundry and TONS of storage. 

To top it off we get all of that, including all utilities, for $850 a month! This is truly a real estate miracle. Our God gives good gifts!

The only negative is we don't get possession until May 1st (the day of our wedding) so we will have to move in on the 2nd. Any help would be appreciated, eep!

I am having trouble posting pictures here; They are now posted in the photo album section

April 04, 2010

2 weeks to the big day!

Today is the only day of my life that I will wake up and realize that in exactly 2 weeks I will be getting married. Weird.

 With this in mind I set off on to complete a marathon of errands...all while hanging out with amazing women, of course. I met up with my friend Mila (Paul’s groomsmen Daniel’s little sister) for breakfast at Bon’s (home of the $2.95 breakfast) and a trip to the printers to price our programs and table numbers. They were more costly than expected. Mila, being amazing, came up with a cheaper and better solution. I am in awe of her genius.

 After a painful (but timely) visit to a beauty salon (for threading & waxing—my face is so smooth now!) I met up with my dear friend Stefany. Stefany is from Quebec and soon she will be heading home (Oh I hate to have that be true) but she has been living here since June and I have so enjoyed getting to know her. She has been so huegely helpful at every step of the wedding process. When I needed a dress fitting, Stef was right there to tie my corset & take photos. When we needed to register for gifts but Paul was getting tired of walking around the store, I took Stef with me on my next trip. Whenever I have a day full of wedding errands that I know would bore Paul, Stef is always ready and excited to come along. So today, as Paul is away on his Stag, Stefany and I set out to kick some wedding errand butt...and boy did we.

 Errands completed:

· Bathing suit purchased—Addition elle on sale!

· Sundress for honeymoon purchased—Reitmans (Thanks Nancy for both of these!)

· Fabric purchased for pocket squares (and later tonight sewn) - Fabricland

· Paper purchased for card box (and later tonight box was wrapped & decorated) - Micheals

· Paper purchased for table numbers (though later realized I am short 10 yellow pages of cardstock, eep. Will finish buying yellow card stock tomorrow.) - Paper Poet & Micheals

· Wedding shoes purchased—Payless on sale! Came with 70% off another pair of shoes + 2 necklaces for half price

· Tie purchased (for Paul) - Walmart (will be covered with orange material to make it match my sash)

· Wedding favors priced out (at Superstore—unless the grocery manager was wrong, and I kind of think he was, Lyndors are super pricey, yikes).

· Home Décor bought on sale in antique shop in New West.

· Marble Slab Creamery ingested on sale! MMMM

· Guest book/photo frame for signing purchased—Micheals, also on sale!

 On top of all this Stefany and I (with the help of our friend Candace—who is also amazing) made tasty pizza’s and potatoe skins. We even tried a new invention: perogie pizza with real perogies boiled, fried, cut up and layered right onto the pizza! Tasty! We watched ‘When Harry met Sally’ and SNL while cutting papers, sewing pocket squares and wrapping boxes. Productive and fun.

 As I mentioned earlier Paul is away on his Stag. He is away with his groomsmen, best man and father. My stagette was about a month ago and I went away with 15 of my female friends. We both got to do what we love best for our time of celebration. I got to enjoy telling stories, drinking martinis and hanging out with great friends. Paul is enjoying being in the woods (despite the pouring rain), fishing and being with his 3 best guy friends and his Dad. I always miss Paul when he is gone but I enjoy hanging out with girlfriends, and doing girlie things. As I write I am still at Stefany’s house. We are having a sleepover with Candace. While the girls are sleeping I wanted to take a moment to update here. It has been such a busy few weeks that updating seemed stressful and a huge goal of mine through this whole process has been anything that is stressful gets left until it is no longer stressful.

 After today the wedding is very much still under control. There are still things left to do: pick dance songs, pick worship music & pick reception music (I have been putting off everything music related). We also need to finalize our ceremony details with our pastor (my uncle) and create a run-sheet for the day so that we have a plan for every detail. There are a few other details still left to work out but mostly we are ready. It feels pretty great.

 I am so enjoying this final time of being single, while looking forward to a future with Paul. I feel badly for him though as he is finishing this school semester. He is finally done with his papers but now is entering a week of exams. He could definitely use any prayers you would send his way! I am enjoying cheering him up. It’s fun to learn how to love him when he is stressed.

 Alright, It is late, and I should sleep. Good night all!

 2 weeks until the big day….Wow!

April 18, 2010