Matrons Of Honor

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Kelly's Matrons of Honor will be her 2 sisters Jamie and Heather.  Jamie and Heather are my best friends and my life wouldn't be the same without them.  I have become a better woman, having their love and great memoires in my life.  We laugh, we cry, we hug, and have fun no matter the situation just as long as we are together it's always a good time.

Best Man

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Sean's best man is his younger brother Eric.  Eric graduated from UNL and now lives in Omaha, Nebraska. He works for American Title Inc. as a Title Analyst.  Eric is 4 years younger but growing up when Sean and his friends would be playing backyard sports with odd numbers, Eric always finished out the the team!



I will be having 5 bridesmaids and I love them all very much!!

Nikki Neidhardt from Surprise, Arizona, Nikki is one my best friends growing up in Albion and whenever we get together, we are always laughing at each other or getting in trouble :)  We even have a list of things of all the fun things we've doen together.  If I am ever in need of a laugh, Nikki is the first one I call to put a smile back on my face.

Amber Spiegel, who is my sister-in-law from Columbus, Nebraska.  Amber has been in my life now for over 7 years and she has been a great addition to the Spiegel family.  Amber was a missing link to my sisters and I and she has been like a sister to me.  I appreciate every laugh and tear we have shared together.

Amy Dix-from Denver, Colorado-was my college roommate my freshman year-we had a great connection from the first time we met each other in Lincoln when I went to meet my "new roommate".  I was so nervous but soon found out how great she was.  She would do anything for anyone.  She has the most bubbly personality and she is a great person to be around.

Jenny Becker-Brandow from Wayne, Nebraska is my best friend from high school-all I have to say about this girl, is her laugh!  Jenny's laugh is soo contagious and she has so much love to give.  We have had some great memories together and I appreciate every laugh we have had together.  Jenny got married in July 2009 to Jon and she has an adorable son Ashton.

Amy Hoppe-York, Nebraska is a friend from high school.  Amy and I can sit around, do nothing and still have fun.  No matter what we are doing it usually ends up with us on the floor laughing so hard that we can't even talk.  Amy is a chiropractor in York.



Sean will be having 6 groomsmen and has been great friends with all of them for a long time now.

Mike Lynch is from Grand Island, Nebraska and works for Principal Financial as a Retirement Specialist.  He is engaged to Ashley Kosmicki.

Brandon Nielsen from Grand Island, Nebraska works at Case New Holland as a Shop Planner.  Brandon recently got married in April to Natalie.

Tom Swarm is originally from Mitchell, Nebraska.  He works at YRTC with Sean as a Youth Counselor.  Tom is married to Chelsea and they live in Kearney, Nebraska.

Ryan Beaman from Ogallala is married to Rachel and now live in Colorado and works for Crescent Electric.  Beaman and Sean were roomies in college.

Jarod Spiegel from Columbus, Nebraska is Kelly's older brother.  He works as a Freight Broker.  Jarod is married to Amber and has a little girl, Kaidence.

Jarad Deyo is from Kearney, Nebraska and was a co-worker of Sean's.  Jarad works for his family construction company and recently got married to Wendy in April.


Personal Attendants

I will be having 2 personal attendants and these 2 ladies have been great friends for a long time.

Misty Houston is from Omaha, Nebraska where she is a personal trainer and lives with her husband Jason and two dogs (Roscoe and Frank).  Misty and I worked together at Red Lobster and we have been great friends every since then.  We have been on vacations together and have had sooo many memories and laughs together.  I look forward to many more fun times together!! 

Becca Woodis is from Kearney, Nebraska and works at the Buckle offices.  Becca and I use to work with each other at Red Lobster also and had some fun times in our fish shirts!!  We have had some great conversations, especially during out Grey's Anatomy and wine nites :)  She has a great personality and always makes me smile. 


Lisa Urwiller from Omaha, Nebraska is Sean's good girl friend from high school.

Thad Johnson from Grand Island, Nebraska is a childhood friend of Sean's.

Luke Splattstoesser from Columbus, Nebraska is Sean's cousin.

Kevin Dvorak from Grand Island, Nebraska is a friend of Sean's from high school.