Matron of Honor Tiffany Hopkins - Alpine, CA

Tiffany is Tracey's favorite (and only) sister, and is the mother of Tracey's most prized possessions; her nephew Brent Christian (ring bearer) and niece Chanel Isa (flower girl).

Best Man Doug Parrish - Orlando, FL

Doug Parrish
Doug and Joel met in 1992 during their sophomore year of college at the University of Florida where they played on the same intramural football team and were roommates for two years. They have been partners in crime ever since!

Carrie Hiltscher - New York, NY

Carrie 2
Carrie and Tracey met as freshmen at Valhalla High School where they enjoyed many years of social involvement and school spirit together. They later went on to college and became sorority sisters in Alpha Phi. At 18 years old they went on their first trip to New York City where Carrie now resides. Together they have shared in many successful accolades and continue to support each other in their every day lives and are the best of friends.

Chadwick Steinmetz - Hollywood, CA

Chadwick and Joel met in 2003 when Joel was hired as tour manager for his band, Blue Meridian. Chadwick had fallen asleep outside of the airport terminal after bartending all night when Joel picked him up. What a trooper! For two weeks they toured around and rocked California together, and have been great friends ever since.

Christiana Gerber - San Diego, CA

Draw against commissions
Christiana is Tracey's cousin - their grandmothers are sisters. They first met in Guam during a time when Christiana was living there. Since Chris has move to San Diego, they have been seeing a lot more of each other and have an incredible bond beyond that of family. She was a special part of Joel's first visit to Guam, giving Tracey and Joel personal tours of the island. In fact, one of the happy couples' terms of endearment "duk duk" derived from special moments that were amongst all of them when traveling from beach to beach.

Drew Cherba - Lake Tahoe, NV

Drew Cherba
Drew and Joel first met in 2003 when Joel first connected GIRL POWDER with the Sierra At Tahoe Mountain Resort. Drew was the Events Director for Sierra At Tahoe, and Joel and Drew worked together to make the 2003 Boarding For Breast Cancer event a huge success. They have been friends ever since!

Ensley Elsbach - Ocean Beach, CA

Ensley and Tracey met as Charger Girls when Tracey was a rookie cheerleader for the San Diego Chargers in 2000. They still enjoy performing together regularly with the NRG band and continue to share in special experiences as dear friends.

Jeff Wakeley - Seattle, WA / Huntington Beach, CA

jeff wakeley
Joel met Jeff back in 2004 while snowboarding in Seattle. They have been good friends ever since. Their memorable good times have included trips to Whistler, Canada and Lake Tahoe to snowboard, and fun in the sun in Hawaii!

Erica Flinn - Lakeside, CA

Erica and Tracey met in 9th grade humanities class at Valhalla High School. They were seated next to each other. Erica was eager to make new friends, but did not know how to break the ice with the girl sitting next to her. Ashamed and private about her love for New Kids on the Block, Erica glanced over and saw “I Love New Kids on the Block” written on Tracey’s folder. Delighted about their shared affection for 1989’s hottest boy band around, Erica leaned over and asked Tracey if she did in fact love NKOTB. Tracey was recently a bridesmaid for Erica in her marriage to Anthony last October. Since high school, Tracey and Erica have been nearly inseparable.

John McCaskill - Macedonia, Europe

john mccaskill
Joel first met John McCaskill while they ran Track together at the University of Florida in 1992. John later moved to Wisconsin for law school, and then off to work in Europe but they have remained close friends ever since.

Kimberly Brown - Pasadena, CA


Tracey and Kimberly have been friends for almost two decades.  They were cheerleaders together in high school, members of the dance company, and  went to college together too!  After college Kimberly moved to Los Angeles but this distance has not stopped them from meeting for brunch in San Diego, lunch in LA, hanging out at their family's homes, or coming to support one another in their performances or events!

Jon Holwitz - El Cajon, CA

Tracey's brother, Jon, and Joel hit it off the first time they met. From online brother's in arms on XBOX360 to similar interests in food and music, one could not ask for a better brother-in-law.

Theresa Gonnella - Sacramento, CA

Theresa and Tracey are the epitome of best friends who met through the incredible bonding experiences of sorority life. They share so many similarities in life, friendships and beliefs. Tracey and Theresa were inseparable during their college years and though Theresa moved to Sacramento after college, their closeness is such without distance and as time goes on, their friendship continues to grow stronger.

Patrick Morrill - Seattle, WA

patrick morrill 2-1
Joel met Patrick at the Invitrogen National Sales meeting in 2002 in San Diego. Invitrogen (Joel's company) had recently acquired the company that Patrick worked for. To celebrate, Joel ensured that he take care of the neo-fights and rang up a $2,000 bar bill the night they met. They've been ringing up bar bills across the nation together ever since.

Sigrid Aquino - Los Angeles, CA

Sigrid and Tracey have shared a unique and special bond since their first meeting in 2000 as Charger Girls. For two years on the team, Tracey and Sigrid were dancing side-by-side on the field where many of their memories began. Since then, they continue to celebrate their friendship by indulging in special reunions, outings and events - and many days at the spa! All of their time together is filled with laughter, island food and cherished moments.

Paul Tringali - San Mateo, CA

Paul Tringali
Joel first met Paul Tringail in 2001 when they played on the same softball team together in the bay area. Bomb brothers on the field winning many softball championships together, they still remain good friends today.

Emi Matsumoto - Santee, CA


Tracey and Emi met when they were 8 and 10 years old - the year Tracey moved to San Diego. They grew up dancing in the same classes together, but didn't really get to know one another until their days as Charger Girls. Fate led them to be in the same "line" which enabled them to get even closer and spend a lot more time together than ever before. Since then, they have remained very good friends and continue to create everlasting memories together.

Flower Girl Chanel Isa - Alpine, CA


One of Tracey's most prized possessions, her niece and Goddaughter, Chanel Isa.

Ring Bearer Brent Christian - Alpine, CA


One of Tracey's most prized possessions, her nephew, Brent Christian.