Tim Lopez - Best Man

Christmas 2005 Tim

Tim is Ryan's younger brother.  Ryan chose Tim to be his best man because Tim and Ryan have always been close.  Tim is hilarious, and combining the both of them is sometimes scary weird.  Tim has always been true to his dreams, and aspirations, and is certainly a role model for Ryan.  Growing up, Tim was always great at everything he loved doing, and Ryan was one of his biggest fans (at least the tallest).  When he is not touring with the Plain White T's, Tim can be found skulking around Austin, TX or in his home town of Santa Barbara, CA.  Tim is a source of energy, excitement, adventure, and laughter.  God bless him.  

Kelli Davis - Matron of Honor


Kelli is Trish's older sister. Kelli has always been someone that Trish has looked up to growing up. She is an amzing physical therapist and most of her patients become friends of hers.  She has been a best friend and a great sister through the years and now that we live near each other, we are that much closer. Kelli's son Greyson will be our ringbearer and my brother-in-law, Tim, will be in attendance.

Eric Bickel - Groomsman

Our Coronado group 009

Eric and Ryan met at the Mission Valley Hilton Hotel while they were both attending San Diego State University.  After they became friends, Eric and Ryan moved in together in Pacific Beach, CA to their 750 square foot bachelor pad with 2 bedrooms/2 bathrooms.  It could be argued that Eric should have been the best man, because it was Eric that introduced Ryan to his future bride to be.  Eric is now living in Northern California to pursue his dream of firefighting, and Ryan is really glad to have his good friend so close.

Valerie Kochi - Maid Of Honor

Hiking Torrey Pines 032

Valerie is Trish's twin sister. As you can believe we have had our good times and our bad times. All of it has made us stronger as sisters and best friends. Valerie is a great hairstylist and bartender in Los Angeles and it's been hard to get my hair done since we have moved to the bay area. She will be a great maid of honor.

Kevin Lindblad - Groomsman


Kevin and Ryan met in high school, but have since become close friends.  Kevin is funny, kind and has been one of Ryan and Tim's most loyal friends throughout his lifespan.  Kevin has pursued an artistic career in photography, and other web based business. One memorable moment that Kevin and I have shared is wakeboarding in Nacimiento, hours of golf at Glen Annie golf course, and some of the craziest times in Las Vegas known to man.

Jennifer Ito- Bridesmaid


Jennifer is Trish's closest cousin. She is a hard working and outstanding pastry chef at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles. Jennifer has grown up with Val and I; I always felt like we were a weird version of the Three Stooges. Not only will Jenn be a beautiful Bridesmaid, she is also responsible for our gorgeous, yummy wedding cake and wedding favors. Thank you Jenn! We couldn't have done this without you and we love you very much!

Mark Burnett - Groomsman

Sinai 2008-09 014

Mark and Ryan met in high school. Their friendship has involved numerous activities growing up together; from their competition paintball team, to skateboarding all over Santa Barbara to hacking through thousands of holes of golf. After high school, Mark made the mistake of thinking it would be fun to study molecular biology at
San Diego. Luckily, he had Ryan to hang out. The two lived what could only be described as the
most awesome bachelor lifestyle ever.
Mark is part of Ryan's "San Diego Elite" golf gang, which is comprised of two others: Eric Bickel and Miles Hughes.
After college, Mark was recruited to work as scientist at a biopharmaceutical company in San Diego developing
cancer therapeutics. The truth is that he really just wanted to stick around and play golf with his buddies.
Mark is now a medical student at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City and is planning on pursuing
a specialty in hematology/oncology.

Halona Sudduth - Bridesmaid

Halona's Surprise Birthday 026

Halona has been Trish's best friend growing up. We met on the softball fields and lived on the softball fields for years. Our fond memories of Stomper tournaments and traveling to god knows where, and usually leaving with a trophy. Our goofiness and love for good food brought us together. We have only grown closer throughout the years even when we lived farther apart. It was a given that Halona would be a Bridesmaid in my wedding.

Ian Pugh - Groomsman


Ryan's cousin Ian has been as close to a brother and certainly a great friend since childhood.  Ian was an advocate for our move to Northern California, as Ian loves living in San Francisco, he is always involved in fun, and exciting activities, and others not worth mentioning here.  Ian is a very generous person, and every winter extends invitation to Trish and I to vacation in Lake Tahoe to go snowboarding.  Ian has been an inspirational figure in Ryan's life, and has been top salesman for his company Gsolutionz, Inc.

Kaitlin Lopez - Bridesmaid


Kaitlin is Ryan's beautiful younger sister. In the past few years, Kaitlin has enjoyed planning weddings in the family business La Fete Weddings. She also is an assistant manager at K. Frank, a boutique shop on State Street. She has her adorable Rottweiler, Shay, to keep her busy and on her toes. Kaitlin has been a great hostess in Santa Barbara when we come to visit and it has been fun to hang out with her. We are so excited to have her a part of our wedding and our lives.

Justin Pugh - Groomsman

Justin's Bday 026

Justin, who is also Ian's brother, and Ryan's cousin is a carefree, lovable teddy bear, and wouldn't harm anything intentionally, or at least not to my knowledge.  Justin was recently wed to his lovely bride Jena, and asked Ryan to be one of his groomsmen in his wedding.  Justin has a great attitude toward life, and his generosity has no limits.  We had a great time up at Lake Nacimiento for Justin's bachelor party with his other groomsmen, and close friends.  He is a brother, and a good friend, as well as a cousin.