Maid Of Honor

Tobi Dumoulin

Tobi Dumoulin will be Victoria's maid of honour! Tobi and Victoria are such good friends that there almost like family. Oh wait! They are! Expect to find Tobi dynamic and full of life on July 19th this year!

Best Man


Brian Riess will be Steve's best man! A great friend for over 10 years, Steve and Brian go back through countless days of engineering toil and O'Neill performance!


Cassandra Bin

Cassandra Bin will also be joining Victoria's side of the wedding party! Growing up together in the tiny town of Hornepayne, Victoria and Cassandra go way back.


Justin McRae2

Justin McRae will be joining Steve in his party. Steve met Justin many moons ago at Whitby Baptist Church. There have been many experiences since then to say the least!



Mary Bemis

Mary Bemis, sister of the groom. Excellent in math, and a major in our hearts!


Dave Yoshiki

Dave Yoshiki will also be joining Steve's party. Dave and Steve met at a very young age when Steve's parents were first considering Whitby Baptist Church. It has been a long time since, but Dave and Steve still remain great friends!


Ellen Bemis

Ellen Bemis, sister of the groom. Her vocal talents and endless enthuiasm is something to be inspired by!



Steven Hopps, brother of the bride-to-be and a good man! He is a great example of why you shouldn't pick on your "little" brother (they grow!).

Jr. Bridesmaid


This beautiful lady is Kyanne Veraldi and has known Victoria all her life.

Ring Bearer


Anthony Veraldi is the cutest boy in Hornepayne! Of course he's in the wedding party!