Groom's parents


Louise & Fred Makrauer!

Mother of the Bride


Chris Sadler!

Maid Of Honor


Heidi Cline Wall

I met Heidi in fourth grade when she returned to Andover to find that I was friends with all of her friends. The first couple of hours were a bit tense, but then we sat on a rock and sang some songs and quickly became great friends. We went on to junior high together, applying pink frosted lipstick and helping each other hairspray our feathered bangs before dances. Before the first day of high school, we decided to perm my hair. If that doesn't show my trust in Heidi, I don't know what does. Anyway, she has always been a part of my life for almost as long as I can remember!



Andy Wall

Pete's college roommate for 4 years! The "Rock Doctor" is also Heidi's husband and therefore half responsible for Peter and Danielle meeting. A founding member of Rogers, McFeely, and Friday. Andy is part way through a PhD in geology at Penn State.

Jim Hetherington

Pete's classmate from Middlebury and one of the three members of Rogers, McFeely, and Friday. The ladies love him on the guitar and he once ran the entire internet. He loves Katie, whom he will marry in May. He recently moved from Portland, OR to PA and lives with his fiance.


Logans & Marathon Monday 147

Chassea Golden Robinson

I met Chassea when I was 19 and working as a hostess in a seaside restaurant in Rockport, MA. We worked there together for at least 3 summers. After our shifts we would sometimes take our customer's abandoned bottles of wine and sit on the rocks looking out to sea and laugh about the day or think about the future. Chassea was (and still is) the coolest. She was both grounded and yet she was like a bird or a mermaid - something special and rare. She had long wavy hair, tan skin and a few silver bangles jangling. She spoke calmly and her voice could put you to sleep (in a good way). We also both liked to wander around in the dark, go to concerts, and search for seaglass. We even ended up living in a senior citizen's camp one of those summers, but that's a different story... Now she lives in Gloucester, MA with her awesome hubby Blair and cute baby girl Blakeley!

Zoe Blackburn

My mother and Zoe's mother (my Aunty Kate) were friends before they had us. As far as I know, they were phone operators together in England when their hair was big and poufy in the 60's. Zoe and I are the same age, so we must have been together from almost the very beginning. Even though I never lived in England, we would visit them in Yorkshire or Leeds every chance we could. Zoe was shy and I was a crazy little redhead. We made the perfect pair because the mischief we got into was all very safe and silly. She still lives in England and now she's married to a wonderful man named Carl and they have a son named Joe. I can't wait to meet the baby for the first time!


the arsitocrats

Greg Furie

"Doctor Bounce" met Pete in Woods Hole around age 16. He and Pete have traveled cross country together and have taken many telemarking trips into the wilderness. Their recent travels to Durkistan were captured in the epic film "Vacation: It's Fun". The doctor is completing his residency at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia.

Stephen Taylor

Stephen's heart, like Peter's, is in the Highlands. There is a significant chance that Stephen and Peter battled as children in Pee Wee baseball. Stephen is a well-seasoned traveler, a brilliant musician and a dedicated Boston sports fan. He is a musical sensation with the toddlers in New York City and lives with his lovely wife Alaina in Brooklyn.

James Waldinger

Jamie has been a steady friend of Pete's since high school. They have travelled to Europe and the American West, and have pushed the boundaries of Monte Carlo customization. He is married to a redhead, so he knows what Pete is in for. He lives in Andover, MA with his wife Rory and two kiddos, Adrie and Nate.



Liz Makrauer

Pete's beautiful sister. Some say she's funnier. And the best Scrabble player in all of Woods Hole.



Tasanee Lolonga

I heard Tasanee's voice before I even met her during our first day at Colby College when she was having a girly conversation with someone about shoes. We must have met properly when we found out that we lived across the hall from one another. Soon I was leaving silly messages on her whiteboard and taking naps in her room. Even in those early days, I felt as if I had struck gold. She was smart, strong, sweet, and silly all at once. She loved hanging out with me as much as I loved being around her. Years later, we lived in Brighton together, and now she lives with her husband Malik and her baby Soren. So we've really seen each other grow up!


the bachelorette

Stacey Blinn Miller

I first met Stacey when a bunch of people (including her two other crazy sisters) gathered at Uno's. I'm pretty sure that Stace and I were reaching for the last few pieces of pizza and we knew that we were the type of girls who weren't afraid to finish off the pie. Stace and I also dated brothers and broke up with them within a few weeks of each other, so I took her to a lot of functions as my guest and the Blinn family even welcomed me there for Christmas. They call me the "red-headed stepchild".  She's like a hilarious, pretty, and honest big sister. Really honest. Ask Jon, her husband. (Remember that guy she broke up with? That's him.) They have two adorable little kids, Jon Jr. and Elle and live in Charlestown, MA.



Brian O'Reiley

This handsome Irish Vermonter was Pete's classmate at the University of Oregon. An architect, Brian lives in Seattle where he continues to play guitar and sing "Wagon Wheel".

D & Bridesmaid ladies (Chassea, Heidi, Danielle, Tasanee, and Stacey)

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Reader/Usher/Really good guy

Tim and Grady

Tim Stonecipher

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