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You guys are both the best! Wish you both the greatest wedding, and marriage. Love you both!
Posted by Your brother G on April 09, 2009
Wow, What a lovely Couple, nothing but the best in life wished for you guys,Love Ya.......
Posted by Nurse Elaine on April 14, 2009
We wish the Best for both of you, lots of Love. That your wedding day will be Richly, Blessed with joy, and everything that makes for Happiness on your marriage. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Posted by Sylvia Ayala on April 14, 2009
Congratulations on your engagement. I wish you both the best not only on your wedding day, but your life together! Love ya. Oh...for the honeymoon, they all sound so good. It depends on what you want to do. Total relaxation: AI Carribean, Adventurous: Europe, a little bit of both: Hawaii. :)
Posted by Janet Crespo on April 17, 2009
congratulations !! : )
Posted by Angie on April 30, 2009
I thing it's wonderful that you guys are tying the knot and hope you get the ideal wedding. Love you.
Posted by Kimberly on May 05, 2009
Hey Luvie, Congrats!! I'm very happy for you :) I can't believe that the little gigi I use to babysit is getting married. I wish you guys the best! Love ya!
Posted by Sheila on May 16, 2009
Congratulations to both of you, I'm so happy for your future. Take care!!
Posted by Christeen on May 24, 2009
I still have vivid memories of you smiling with your glowing eyes when you looked so content climbing up to the top of the monkey bars in any "Bronx" park I took you to.
Chris you are a great young man & I know you love my Gigi, take care of my Jewel!
Posted by Your one & only Mom Lorine on May 25, 2009
Congratulations to you both! Gigi, I have watched you grow into a beautiful young lady and I know that Chris is blesses to have you.
Posted by Irma on June 20, 2009
Best wishes and congratulations to both of you on this special ocasion. God will bless you both immensely because you guys are both awesome!! For the Honeymoon, Hawaii sounds great & the weather there during November-January is also wonderful. All inclusive would be ideal, but I'm sure that during your honeymoon that will be the least of your worries!!
Posted by Liz Arauz on June 21, 2009
Gigi I wish you the best in your upcoming wedding...My prayers go out to you and your hubby to be...
Posted by Jen on September 28, 2009
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Asked By: your favorite sister!!!

what flowers are we using for the wedding sis????
xoxo God Bless
Hey Lisa! I'm thinking Green Hydrangeas! Sooo Pretty against the Pumpkin color
Asked By: Love you from your Mom

Awww...I Love you too Mami
Asked By:
Arlene, asked, "what is the theme"? And what are the color schemes?
I'm focusing more on a modern element with a few traditionals. And since it will be in the Fall, our color schemes would follow shades of harvest, that of chocolate, green, ivory and a splash of pumpkin.
Asked By: Diana
Will Diana be getting an invitation ? Lol
Will you be around, Soldier Girl???
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