Attending ( 111 )
Danny Adams ( 2 ):

We are happy for the both of you and can't wait to help you celebrate your wedding day!!!

Jillian Bell ( 2 ):

Looking forward for the drive down there. Congratulations!

Gene Adams ( 3 ):

We wouldn't miss it!!

Greg and Renae Adams ( 7 ):

Can't believe I just put the number 7 in the attending box!! We are excited for the day to come. If you need anything let me know.

Lyle & JoLynn Eastman ( 3 ):

Cannot wait for the big day!! We wouldn't miss it!!

Brooke Sudol ( 3 ):

I couldn't be happier for you! Can't wait to share in your special day!

Lindsay Heitland ( 2 ):

Thank you for inviting me! I am so excited to share in your special day. Not sure who my 'guest' will be yet, though! :)

Tami Hummel ( 1 ):

I am so happy for you!

Bruce, Jess and Claire ( 3 ):

We are so excited for you both! See you June 19th!!

Andy, Jen & Noah Schimek ( 3 ):

We are so happy for both of you!

Zach Mullen ( 1 ):

Congratulations you two.

Nicole & Kenny ( 2 ):

We will absolutely be in attendance!

Becca Purvis ( 2 ):

Yay! so excited! definitely gonna be there...we're all set to go, sitter, hotel...haha! you guys are so perfect together!

Lonnie & Nickie ( 2 ):


Chris Jordan ( 1 ):

Looking forward to this!!!

Mike & Melissa Adams ( 4 ):

Looking forward to a fun day! Congratulations!

Bradley & Tami Packard ( 2 ):

Stephen Adams ( 2 ):

Of course we will be there! Can't wait for the big day!

Derrick and Alex Page ( 2 ):

Looking forward to seeing yall

Michelle, Rick, Olivia & Emma ( 3 ):

Can't wait! It will be here before we know it.

Greg VanDerHart ( 2 ):

Wouldn't miss it!

Sara Winkels ( 1 ):

I am so excited, can't wait!

Tom and Lanie Winkels ( 2 ):

We will be there.

Wyatt ( 1 ):

Really looking forward to it. Congrats

Ruthann Brekke ( 2 ):

Would not miss this special time!!

Clark and Shary Ebert ( 3 ):


Mike and Haley Langreck ( 2 ):

wouldn't miss for the world!

Mr. Ryan LeBeau and Ms. Sarah Hoffer ( 2 ):

Looking forward to celebrating the day with you two!

Angie, Jason & Lexi Gallup ( 3 ):

Wouldn't miss it for the world!!!!!

Mr. Garrett South and Li'l B ( 2 ):

Can't wait to light up Riceville!

Michelle Noble ( 1 ):

2 more months!!! Can't wait! :)

Kattie Peshka & Joe Lewis ( 2 ):

Can't wait to see you two, Love you both!

Dick and Giny Beck ( 2 ):

We are so happy to be included in your special day. We have really enjoyed getting to know you both.

Denny and Jean Hemann ( 2 ):

Matt, Andrea & Josie Patitz ( 3 ):

We're excited to celebrate with you two, can't wait!!!

Annie and Steve Stensrud ( 2 ):

Not sure if the kids will be coming. Can't wait to help celebrate your special day.

The Stephens Family ( 5 ):

We cannot wait to see you!! xoxoxo even though you don't yet have our approval cause we have NEVER met Jake. :-)

Kimberly Dressler (Shady Lady) ( 2 ):

Taylor will be attending too. Can't wiat to see you TIE THE KNOT>)

Allen & Reva Harris ( 2 ):

Jim, Sally, Garrison, Gavin, & Gretchen ( 2 ):

Congrats! We'll be there!!

Aleathea Anderson ( 1 ):

James Lewallen ( 1 ):

chad starkson ( 2 ):

Monte & Kathy Waldorf ( 2 ):

Yes, looking forward to the celebration!

Ron, Dana, Sophie, Nella & Tymen Robinson ( 5 ):

Congrats! Looking forward to your special day.

Kristoffer Olson ( 2 ):

With Erinn Liebhard

Paula, Jay, Jeremiah, Morgan Kelley ( 4 ):

Count on us!!!!

Karen Ammentorp ( 1 ):

Jake and Janet - we were planning for the entire family to come from Chicago for your celebration but some plans have changed and now I will be coming with my mom and dad by myself. Dale can't get away. Sorry for the last minute change since I sent in the response card for all of us. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone!

Unsure ( 3 )
jennifer roase ( 1 ):

We are going to try and make it but being as though i will be 8 months pregnant and we live in Mpls, MN - not sure if we will be able to make it baby doll. But my intentions are good and we will try our best to be apart of your perfect day. -xoxo CONGRATS.

Ryan and Carol South ( 2 ):

Hope it's not too late...grandkids here from NM and the weekend got a little crazy! Planning on driving up. Hope your day is wonderful!

Not Attending ( 15 )
Nick and Holly Huso ( 1 ):

Hope you guys have a wonderful day!

Kristen (soon to be Strong) & Dave Strong ( 1 ):

We are super bummed we won't make it! We will still be in the Dominican for our honeymoon! We will have to get together and look at pictures! If you are ever in Chicago let us know! We can meet up for a game, dinner, drinks, etc!

Tanya, Todd & Kathleen Johnson ( 3 ):

Many wishes for a wonderful, perfect wedding day! We'll be returning home from Orlando this day, so we're sorry we'll miss it. Hope you post lots of photos! :)

Ben and Allison Smits ( 2 ):

I wish you God's Blessings on your big day, sorry we cannot make it. We have Ben's son that weekend. I will think of you on your wedding day. Have a blessed day!

Ryan, Elizabeth, and Benjamin Thompson ( 1 ):

We are so disapppointed we won't be there for your special day -- we will be back in Pittsburgh for Elizabeth's brother/sister high school graduation. Can't wait to see the pictures!

Carrie Becker(Christensen) ( 2 ):

Sorry, we won't be able to make it. We will have just had our new baby a couple weeks before. Your card should show up in the mail shortly:) Congrats! -Carrie

Ben and Robyn Barclay ( 2 ):

Sorry we won't make it! Hope you have an amazing day!

Darren & Bev Ripley ( 2 ):

Darren leaves for wrestling camp on Sunday. If we get down there will stop in at the reception and see the ADAMS gang and meet this wonderful Jacob we have heard so much about. Thank you for the invite and enjoy this special day. Congratulations!!

Brian Pauley ( 1 ):

Sorry Jake, I would like to go but had previous engagements for that weekend.

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