Maid Of Honor - Phoebe Zemler


Phoebe and Jolene have known eachother for almost 10 years.  They became close friends as freshman in highschool.  Throughout school they both hungout with the same group of "core" friends, and had many of the same classes.  Both got very involved at church and were part of the youth group and church dance team.  Even as the years pass they remain very close.  A few years ago they took a trip to France to see the beautiful sites that area has to offer.  Currently Phoebe is living in Seattle WA working as a Leader/ Counselor for Girl Scouts.  She spends her time with girls that have mothers behind bars.  The girls still try to get together on a regular basis to go dancing, play super nintendo, enjoy the outdoors, shop, or just visit and have a blast talking about everything and nothing all at the same time.

Best Man - Cody Lourie


Cody is a friend of the groom.  Joe and Cody grew up together doing just about everything together.  They did 4-H together and showed llamas, built rockets and other "nerd" toys as they called them, and just hangout running around.  Now they enjoy riding motorcycles, or having a cigar and a good talk.  Cody will be graduating from Western Community College soon with hope to become an engineer.

Bridesmaid - Elisha Terepocki


Elisha is the bride's cousin.  Her and the bride grew up always being around eachother and considered eachother to be more friends than relatives.  Jolene was even the one to break the news to Elisha that Santa Clause didn't exist.  For a short time in elementary school they were in the same class, but other than that were never in the same school.  The girls really enjoyed going dancing in their free time.  Currently Elisha is living in Las Vegas NV.  Living in different states has made it hard to see eachother lately, but that hasn't taken away from their friendship.

Groomsman - Kamron Sammons


Kamron is a friend of the bride and groom.  Kamron used to be roomates with Joe and Cody (the best man).  Joe and him love to hangout and try to find random things to do such as shoot blow darts at eachother, chug chocolate syrup, or wheelchair weelies.  Also, they like spending time listening to music, playing games, and riding motorcycles.  Kamron is an insurance agent in Bellingham WA, instructor at Bellingham Academy of Self Defense. 

Bridesmaid - Marcie Camire


Marcie and the bride have been friends since the first grade.  Growing up both were considered the adopted child to the others' family.  For most of their school years they went to the same school.  Marcie is now married, and has become a home owner in Deming WA.  For many years now she has been working with the elderly and dissabled.  The girls still try to get together when possible. 

Groomsman - Ken Lathrop


Ken is the brother of the bride, and friend to the groom.  Last year he graduated from Bellingham Technical College, and is now working at an automotive restoration shop in Ferndale WA.  Joe and Ken both enjoy working their projects, such as demolition derby cars, a four wheeler truck, and a model A. 

Flower Girl - Jazlyn Brenke


Jazlyn is the bride's cousin.  She is a cute little kid just coming out of her shy shell.  Joe and Jolene both love spending time playing with her.  Drawing, playing with toys, and dancing are some of her favorite things to do. 

Ring Bearer - Tycho Cabral


Tycho is the groom's nephew.  He is a very outgoing talkative boy, and can hold a real conversation with most adults.  This curious kid keeps Joe and Jolene going everytime they get to see eachother.  Tycho loves to play soccer, be outside, and paint.