Matron Of Honor - Libby Powers


Libby Jenkins Powers 

Libby and I have known each other since sixth grade. From our early beginnings as friends through school and then during basketball season, we bonded. In the fashion of having nicknames in sport, we both picked up one that stuck - "Libby x 3" and "Spaghetti Arms". We have supported each other through the thick and thin, good times and bad, and especially in our later years dealing with moving, careers, relationships, losses of family and friends, and most recently with engagements and weddings and a new baby Shea for her. Although we have lived hundreds and thousands of miles apart, we have a friendship that has no boundaries or weaknesses and no distance can soften. Libby has helped me understand myself and supported me in all the decisions I have made through my last twenty years, even though if it were up to her, we would live next door! She and Will (her husband) love Ben and welcome him graciously into "the circle" and know how incredibly happy he makes Katie.


Best Man - Michael Nankervis


Mick Nankervis

Mick and Ben have been friends since they can remember with their parents and families being close. The thrill of getting into mischief in kindergarten formed their close bond. Their friendship has continued through all stages of both of their lives, especially through the marriage of Mick to Loren and the birth of their beautiful daughter Ella.

Bridesmaid - Janelle Etchepare

Janelle Etchepare 

Janelle and Katie met in Los Angeles in the early days of Katie's working world at Enterprise. Janelle was actually Katie's manager at one stage and they formed a special bond through working so many grueling hours together and became great friends. Janelle and Katie have spent many days playing at the beach and celebrating days off in the sun in Venice and Santa Monica beaches. Janelle has been a supportive friend as well as a great career mentor and an encouraging training partner for the toughest endurance challenge we could have imagined.... the Rock and Roll Marathon. Katie and Janelle have stayed close through moves and travels and will be friends till the end. Katie was there the day Janelle met Drew and Janelle has welcomed Katie and Ben into their home in Portland and LA. Janelle was in Raleigh for a last visit before the big move to Oz and was privy to the surprise engagement, as she arrived the same day and time Ben was to pick up the ring. What a great friend to keep such a secret! 

Groomsman - Jonathon Wright

Jonno Wright

Jonno is Ben's oldest brother. They have always been close and enjoyed many a good time riding motorbikes as kids, playing sport, and messing around. Jonno's favorite game when they were young was to see how annoyed he could get Ben. This would carry on for a while until Jonno got his desired result, a storming Ben and time out for both. Jonno has always been a great friend, role model, and brother. Ben is lucky to have Belinda, his wife, as a sister and now a nephew, Owen to adore.

Bridesmaid - Jamie Hamm

Jamie Shepard Hamm

Jamie and Katie's friendship is deeply rooted in the heart of Georgia. They grew up in the Salford Court cul de sac and shared a love of Barbie, cowgirls and indians, gymnastics and dance, and play dates. Our parents are friends today as they were then and have shared our childhood memories together. Jamie and Katie kept in touch with letters back and forth and visits to Georgia and North Carolina. They can laugh today as they flick through pictures and letters written so many years ago. In high school, Katie and the fam made a trek down for the Olympics and Katie got to meet some of Jamie's close friends, who have befriended her as well over the years. Katie spent time with Jamie at the ultimate in college football "Florida vs. Georgia" game and shared her house when Jamie made the move to Wilmington to study, sun bake, and spend time with Joey (her husband now). Katie and Jamie have traveled together to the wilds of Germany and Italy and know what makes the other one tick. Jamie and Joey have welcomed Katie and Ben as well into the Hamm home and shared memories of her important pregnancy dates - the first ultrasound, and being pregnant, and later check ups as well. A lifetime of love and friendship thus far and a future full to come! 

Groomsman - Stephen Wright

Steve Wright

Steve and Ben have been close since a very young age when they would terrorize the neighbors by stealing fruit from their trees and ambushing them with surprise fruit attacks. This scallywag behavior and other adventure filled days and long nights shooting hoops in the yard formed a great friendship. Ben is now thankful to have another sister Kelley, his fiance, who will become a Wright in October this year. 

Bridesmaid - Cori Vernam

Cori Vernam

Cori and Katie became instant friends as soon as they met at a Low Country Boil in San Clemente, California of all places, at their mutual friend Frank's house. As soon as the sasspots met, they knew they would be good friends. Over the years of adventures in Cali and their shared love of North Carolina, pulled pork BBQ, and beach life, Cori and Katie have bonded. They have helped each other through some tough bouts with work, relationships, and health complications. In a world of whim in LA, it was a blessing to have some good ol' fashioned southern friendship to get through the blinding lights of glitz and glam and a grounding reminder of what the good life truly is. Cori is a truly good person and an important friend to Katie and Ben. She too made the trek across to visit before Katie and Ben moved and Ben let the little secret slip after being hounded by Cori's questioning on the way back to the airport. Again, a fabulous friend to keep a secret! When Katie called to tell Cori, she just laughed, and said I know.... so funny and so Cori. 

Groomsman - Chris Childs

Chris is Katie's only and older brother and a great friend to her and Ben. As Katie's protector through high school, college, and life in LA, Chris can finally relax a bit knowing Katie Kins is in safe hands with Ben. Ben and Chris have formed a great friendship and enjoyed spending time together in NC over the last year or so together. Chris shared a life skill with Ben that he will never forget..... How to Deep Fry a Ten Pound Thanksgiving Turkey! Ben is a brother to Chris - one he never had - and they share a love of Katie.

Bridesmaid - Jenny Kelly

jenny pic
Jenny is a life long friend to Katie as of the sixth grade as well and now to Ben too. So many stories to recount of trips to the beach, sleepovers, and spending time playing in Wilmington. Jenny has a wonderful spirit and has been a blessing to have as a friend. Jenny and Katie have bonded through middle school, high school, and fun times at UNC Wilmington. Her family has been like a second family to Katie and friends throughout high school and college and are still a part of our lives today. Jenny has a contagious spirit and is always keen for a good time and has made it known she can certainly plan and host a good party. These skills will come in handy being a bridesmaid and a special guest for the wedding. Jenny was an integral part of the master plan for the proposal as she took Ben to get the champagne the morning of December 12th and kept it all a secret!

Groomsman - Rick Van Es

Rick and Ben are childhood freinds who have shared a colorful youth in Geelong. Rick and his family are close to the Wights and have shared some great times growing up as neighbors and school mates. Rick and Ben stay in close contact and share their stories of today's adventures.