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Attending ( 56 )
Bonnie Eletz ( 1 ):

can't wait, I am so excited to be coming to your wedding. It will be such a joy sharing such a special day with you and your family.

Felipe G Acobes ( 2 ):

sorry i took so long guys, really wanted to coordinate it so the lady could go and work took a while to clear the days.

Nick Lusson & Shilpa Makhija ( 2 ):

Looking forward to it :)

Aunt Marie ( 1 ):

Yes, I will be able to attend; can't wait.

Mark Boezi ( 1 ):

Can't wait to finally get this celebration started!!!!

abby eletz ( 1 ):

WEEEE!!!! Yea wedding and yea Costa Rica!!! I absolutely CAN NOT wait :)

Michael & Matthew Carr ( 2 ):

We are looking forward to this wonderful time with you, family and new friends!!

All my love,
Uncle Bro

Jackie Carr ( 1 ):

Yay! Can't wait-

Sari Surkis & Heidi Tickle ( 2 ):

looking forward to it

Mary Young ( 1 ):

I can't wait to celebrate your special day!!! Pura Vida!

Abby Best ( 1 ):

Just Me

Jessica Ruth Blair ( 1 ):

Wouldn't miss it, love you both!

Gabriella Buonassisi and Jake Vincent ( 2 ):

How could I not witness the marriage of two of the Bush Hall crew?!? We're really looking forward to it and wish you all the best!

Mr.&Mrs.Mark Surkis ( 2 ):

Can't wait to celebrate your wedding........See you in Costa Rica

Danny and Michael ( 2 ):

Carrs! Boezis! Together at last, all legal-like. Just tell me where to sign. Can't wait for the big day!

Drew and Tracie ( 2 ):

Pura Vida!

Diane Boezi ( 1 ):

Absolutely not... gonna miss your special day for the world!!!

Donna Boezi ( 1 ):

Congratulations!!!!! I cannot wait for your wedding. It is going to be so much fun.

Henry Boezi ( 1 ):

Good luck to you both - I can't wait for April 18th! I'm anxious and excited to share in your special day. Maybe Scott and I can find some exotic Costa Rican sea shells!

Fishface ( 1 ):

Your #1 and most beautiful bridesmaid will be attending for an entire week in granola attire!!!

Plump ( 1 ):


carr parents ( 2 ):

with bells on our toes and rings on our fingers...we wouldn't miss this for the world... love you and dad carr

George & Cindy Robert ( 2 ):

Cannot wait! We are so excited!

Jason Mandelbaum & Susan Stockman ( 2 ):

This is gonna be fun....

Emma Lou ( 1 ):

I'm in... with a kind heart, a warm smile and a cute joke!

Chelsea (Chugsy) ( 1 ):

I'll be there... with a kind heart, a warm smile and a cute joke!

Katy Rose ( 1 ):

Absolutely!!!! KR

Moby, just one name, Moby ( 2 ):

Mister Moby and Fiance' Wolf will attend. I request warm weather, a bottle of tequila, a clothing optional beach and two howler monkeys to act as my personal butlers.

Evan and Kimberly Goldstein ( 2 ):

Congratulations! (Again, and always)

Desmond and his parents ( 3 ):

we are so excited to share this with you!!! thank you for giving everyone the gift of togetherness and exotic landscapes! ox

Neal and Denise McCarthy ( 2 ):

See you on the beach!

Alton, Barbara Kirker ( 2 ):

Hi Matt and Maggie. We are so looking forward to sharing
this wonderful day with both of you. Thanks so much for having us with you. See you in Costa Rica.

Harry and Lisa ( 2 ):

The invitation is lovely!!!!!! Of course we will be there !! We are looking forward to it!!!! Love Harry and Lisa

Erin Edeiken ( 1 ):


Dan "Dugsy" Furey ( 1 ):

I have the perfect speedo for this trip! If only it were sooner... Can't wait!

Not Attending ( 145 )
Mathew Ehrlich ( 1 ):

Pam & Dominic ( 2 ):

Erin Vance and Sergio Escoto ( 2 ):

Joe & Cheri Surprenant ( 2 ):

Hey's a long shot but I am still trying to do what I can to get down there. Love...Joe

Mitchell ( 1 ):

Slight chance I can come, but not Janet or Jonah. Sounds like I would be missing a wonderful celebration...

Sam O'Connor ( 1 ):

I REALLY hope that I get my passport in time. I want nothing more than to share this beautiful day with you two!

Arielle & Akio ( 2 ):

Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Pincus ( 2 ):

jasmine ( 1 ):

eddie blyden ( 1 ):

Marjorie Siegel and girls ( 4 ):

Thank you for the beautiful invitation to such a happy event. Even though we can't be there in body, we will be there in spirit.

I'm so sorry that you have needed to have your father hound me about rsvp-ing to your wedding. I have tried and tried to figure out a way it would work for me to be there with all of you. I'd love to be celebrating with your family and friends. ...and Maya and Kavita and Joita, too would love to be there with you. I wasn't able to find you on momentvill and don't have your address, so rather than being a problem for you any longer, I'm officially, through your mom's email, regretting that we won't be in Costa Rica for your wedding.

Much much love,


Adam and Pascal ( 2 ):

Penny Sayers ( 1 ):

Dear Maggie, I am sorry that I won't be able to attend your wedding. I was looking forward to the big even,however, Leslie will be out of town and I have to take care of my mother.
Love , Penny

Matthew and Paula Carr ( 2 ):

We are so sorry we can't make it, visiting worldwide grandchildren leaves little time off (boo to work...) Have a wonderful time and mazel tov!

John Stockwin ( 2 ):

Congratulations. Sorry I did not respond before now (mom + kristen reminded me) best wishes. John

Janet & Jonah ( 2 ):

Slight chance I can come, but not Janet or Jonah. Sounds like I would be missing a wonderful celebration...

Danielle Collins ( 1 ):

I am sooo bummed that I won't be able to be there in person on your special day, but please know that on April 18th I will be sending much joy and happiness to you both! (And on April 19th, I'll pray that everyone survives the ziplining adventure.) Lots of Love, Danielle

Ronnie, Jaqueline, Lauren Seiderman ( 3 ):

Joe & Malisa ( 2 ):

Derek Carr ( 1 ):

Tara Boezi ( 1 ):

Joe Calore ( 1 ):

Uncle Rocky ( 1 ):

Aunt Florence & Uncle Anthony ( 2 ):

Judith and Joel Brownstein ( 2 ):

Dear Maggie and Matthew, so sorry that we can't join you for what promises to be an exciting and joyful occasion! Along with all the other complications getting in our way, we are in the midst of making a wedding for our daughter Lizzie on Oct. 3! Much love and loads of kisses to you all! Expect a delicious gift in our place! Aunt DooDoo and JB

Terry Wendell ( 1 ):

Sorry not to be able to be there.... I know it will be a great celebration.... much happiness OXOXOXOX

skye robert ( 1 ):

i luv u guys bunches so sorry i'm not able to come.

Heather Algren and Frank Marcoline ( 2 ):

Congradulations. Looks like it will be a wonderful celebration. We wish you all the best!

Jules Lusson ( 3 ):

What an amazing wedding you have planned...I am so sorry we will not be able to make the trip. We will have to have a post-wedding dins on your next visit to Miami. Love you both, Jules

Patti and Jenny Stapleton ( 2 ):

Sorry to have to miss such a happy event. Love you both, Patty and Jenny

Nancy & Gerry Gachowski ( 2 ):

Dolores & Tom ( 2 ):

Cameron Brindise Adrian Elzy ( 2 ):

Sorry! Would love to be there to celebrate with you!

Barb, Cary, Ben, Lena ( 4 ):

Best wishes to you. I"m so glad to add Matt to the extended family!

Regina Mirando ( 1 ):

I really wish I could come out and see what will most likely be a very beautiful wedding but the finances are hurting right now so I just don't think I can make it work. I will make it up to ya'll by making a visit to NY sometime very, very soon.
Love ya'll!!

Sarah and Justin Travis ( 2 ):

I hope you guys know how sad we are that we can't be there with you. We will celebrate next weekend in NY. Miss you guys and can't wait to see you!!

Amanda & Matt ( 2 ):

Nikki Macrini ( 1 ):

I am so sad that I can't be with you! I love you and will be there in spirit!!

Robert and Rebecca Stockwin ( 2 ):

Sorry that we will not be able to attend. You will be in our thoughts on your most magical day. Have fun and send many pictures. Love and hugs to all, Bob and Becky

Stefanie Kornfeld ( 1 ):

I'm so sorry I won't be able to make it down for the wedding--we will definitely have to celebrate in Brooklyn much love to you both!

Aunt Bev and Louis ( 2 ):

Dear Maggie and Matthew,
Sorry we won't be there to celebrate with you, but we'll be there in spirit! All our love to you!

Bethany MacMillan ( 1 ):

Thank you so much for inviting me to your super amazing wedding. It looks indeed like such a special magical day and I so wish I could be there to help celebrate.

Have such an amazing time and I will completely be thinking of you.


Samantha White ( 1 ):

So sad I won't be able to make it :(

Aunt Lauren and Uncle Jim ( 2 ):

So sorry to say that we will not be sharing your special day with you in person but will be there in spirit and will very much look forward to the fabulous photos to come! We love you both and wish you a glorious day in every way with many happy decades together to follow!

Carlene & Russell Nelson ( 2 ):

Enjoy your wedding celebration. Unfortunately will will not be able to attend. Thank you for thinking of us.

Michael Shapiro ( 1 ):

I wish you both a healthy, happy, and safe journey together....congratulations

marilyn ( 2 ):

sorry i can't make it. know i'll be thinking of you both on your special day. have a great time!!!

gypse and rhetta ( 2 ):

i want to do this. if i win the superbowl, i may be able to afford this. i will let you know monday.
love you gypse

Missy Singer ( 1 ):

So sorry I won't be able to join you. Congratulations, all the best for many many many healthy and happy years!

Aunt Dolores & Elizabeth ( 2 ):

Anthony & Marla ( 2 ):

Matthew and Maggie,

We are so disappointed, but we are unable to attend the wedding. We wish you both the best of luck and hope to see you guys soon.

Best wishes and love always

Jeff Pfeil and Liz Costa ( 2 ):

I'm so sorry that we won't be able to make it for your special day. I have finals that week and Jeff wanted me to let everyone know that it's ALL MY FAULT that we can't make it. Bummer. We'll definitely have to celebrate with you guys when I'm done with finals and you're back!!

Kris Glassman, joe Impallomeni ( 2 ):

Dearest Maggie and Matt, we are so sorry that we cannot attend this momentous event. We tried our best. We hope to celebrate when you come to Fl. We wish you a fabulous wedding and a lifetime of properity

Cheryl and Steve Katz ( 2 ):

We are sorry we won't be there to share your special day. We will be thinking of you on April 18th. Congratulations!

Cheryl and Steve

Chase Berger ( 1 ):

This is during my final exam period...while i would love to be there, i just cant committ. Love you guys! Mazel Tov! Have a blast!

Lisa and Tim Perfetti ( 2 ):

So sorry we can't make it...sounds like it's going to be absolutely beautiful and so much fun! Can't wait to see the pictures. Congratulations to you both!

Karen & Mel Dubin ( 2 ):

So sorry we can't make it to costa Rica .You will definitely be in our hearts that day....All our Best wishes to you both. lots of love

Adam & Lisa Mandelbaum ( 2 ):

Unfortuntely, we aren't able to attend. Thank you very much for thinking of us.

Wishing you all the best,
Adam & Lisa

Enid Mandelbaum ( 1 ):

Sorry I can't be there. Wishing you all of the very best always ! Love Mandelmom

kelly trezza ( 2 ):

so full of sadness to miss it the wedding of the year...

Alex & Kristen Evangelista ( 2 ):

Thanks so much for the invite, but we are unable to make it. We'll just have to wait for the fabulous pictures. Much love and happiness for your both! Love you guys!!!

Angela Mraz ( 1 ):

Jennifer & Michael Nullman ( 2 ):

As you know, we are awaiting the arrival of baby Nullman any day now... we're so excited for you both, but aren't going to be able to make the trip to Costa... Congratulations!!! Talk to you soon!!

Jenny & Mike

Robert Alan Lusson ( 1 ):

I mailed you a note and gift today, old fashioned that way

Catherine Xeller ( 1 ):

I will not be able to make it for your special day but I know what an amazing couple you guys are and I can't wait to take you out in Brooklyn. Love lots. Cate

Leslie Citron ( 1 ):

Love to one of the happiest couples I've even been around.
From your faux cousin.

Fabi Van Arsdell ( 2 ):

Mr & Mrs. Thomas Marcoline ( 2 ):

Congrats you guys
Sorry we wont be able to join you
All our love
Tom and Ann Marie

Marcia & Bernie ( 2 ):

Joyce & Alan ( 2 ):

Rick, Leslie, & Ashley Morgenthal ( 3 ):

Jed and Debbie Carr ( 2 ):

Sending our best wishes

Chris Shorten ( 1 ):

Kayla Trueit ( 1 ):

Maggie!!!! Ahhhh! I'll be in school (and not on Spring Break) on the week of your wedding. I was hoping that it might fall on my break week, but alas it is not. So, I am sorry to say with a tear in my eye that I will not be attending (gulp) your wedding. So Sad! xxxxx

Mirah & Matan ( 2 ):

Leah Holzer & Ethan Mitchell ( 2 ):

We're so sorry we can't be there to celebrate with you guys but we know the big day is going to be nothing short of amazing!!

carrie and matthew keough ( 2 ):

sorry we cant make it but matthew saw man on fire one too many times and lives in daily fear of kidnappers south of the border. but congratulations and you will be in our thoughts.

Karen Leblang ( 1 ):

Sorry I won't be able to be there for this special occasion. Have a great time!

Jenn Andrews ( 2 ):

We so wish we could be there to celebrate your big day (and soak in the sun!). We'll toast to you while we're toasting Brendan's 2nd birthday, though.
Much love to both of you.

The Leblang Family (Saundra, Kevin, Ilana and Jason) ( 4 ):

The invitation is beautiful and the event sounds like it will be wonderful and memorable. Sorry we can't be there.

Cami Surkis ( 1 ):

Hi Maggie and Matt-
Im sorry I cant make it, but I'll be there in spirit! my mom and sis will give you guys a big hug and kiss for me! have a great time!

Jeff and Celeste Stockwin ( 2 ):

We wish we could be there. Have an awesome day.

Jeff and Celeste Stockwin

Anne Marcoline and Sly Blondiaux ( 2 ):

Thanks for the beautiful invitation! Wish we could make it. Our hearts will be with you the whole time!