Manki Ho

Manki is the bride's elder sister (or should I say twin sister...if I only had a dollar for everytime someone said that we looked alike and sounded alike :P). I can still remember the days that we played Barbies in the basement... good times! Manki is going to be Dr.Ho very soon and one day we will open a drug company and make billions whahaha! The bride has always looked up to Manki for guidance and advice  and she was an important role model when the bride was growing up! I look forward to Manki's continued sisterly support during our wedding and in the future!

Noyo Ekperigin


Noyo is the grooms Big bro, they both grew up in Warri city, Nigeria. He currently lives in Scarborough and is poised to graduate with a decree in computer hardware mechanics. He has always been a close confidant and has always been there to show support, give encouragement and advice. He immediately accepted the bride as family and this set a beautiful precedent that the rest of the family gladly followed. He has been exceptionally supportive of the wedding's planning effort, from exchanging proposal ideas, looking at reception venues, attire and anything else that has been asked of him. This selfless dedication is the essence of family, and what makes him the best big bro and future brother in law ever! and thus, he's a natural pick for groomsman!....:P 

Lauren Au


Lauren has been a friend of the bride since they were small kids in kindergarten. Even though Lauren and the bride do not currently reside in the same city, Lauren still remains a close confidant and great friend to the bride. Lauren has been a great influence to the bride. Just to give a few examples, it was Lauren who introduced the bride to guitar, Jason Mraz, Gilmore Girls and Ovaltine muffins :D Today the bride still approaches Lauren for the latest entertainment trends and recipes. Lauren has also been supportive of the couple ever since they started going out and it is no wonder she is a member of the bridal party. 

Ron Chan

ron pic


Ron is a UofT graduate, and works for Hewitt as a setup configuration "specialist"....

Ron has been one of the closest friends of the Groom for about four years (and counting). They have jointly conquered the world...(of warcraft) **south park humour**. He was always there to give the right advice and encouragement and this support was instrumental to the start of the couple's relationship. He also continues to be very supportive of the wedding effort in any way that is asked of him {even translator :P}. He's a true friend and thus, its an honour that he will be standing there to give his support as the couple make the next important step in their lives together.

Tamryn Ah-Long

Profile Pic

Tam and the bride have known each other for about 3 years. They first met at UTCCF and were friends ever since (for those who know Tam you know it is hard to resist her friendly personality!). Tam has not only been a trusted friend to the bride over the years but she has been a great study buddy and has made the life sciences courses at u of t bearable :D Tamryn's personality is contagious and the bride cannot think of anytime where they have met up where it hasn't been filled with laughter. 

Mervyn Teo


Mervyn and the Groom became acquainted about 4 years ago, he quickly became one of the Groom's most dependable friends; he was always readily available for anything, from chilling 'casually' with the guys over an intense game of Warcraft to being there to give the right advice and honest opinion on important issues, and most recently he has been very reliable and helpful in the wedding effort. This time tested dependability is one that is the mark of a true friend, and one the couple can surely count on during and after the wedding.

Vanessa Tam

Vanessa and the bride first met through UTCCF and have been friends ever since! The Bride loved those days when Vanessa and her would study late together and do other fun and mischievous activities together (hint hint bread) :D Vanessa's friendly, caring and unique personality is highly cherished by the bride and the bride can always count on Vanessa for her wisdoms and companionship. The bride can't thank Vanessa enough as she was a catalyst that brought the bride and groom together. (thanks for hosting everyone after retreat... and putting on lion king :P)