What Type Of Bride Are You?

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We seem to find that most brides seem to fit fairly well into one of four categories. Which one are you?

1) The Minimalist

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Wedding Planning Timeline

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Wedding Planning Guide

Have you always had an idea in your mind about your perfect wedding? Whether it be a simple wedding ceremony at a scenic spot at sunset followed by cocktails; or big church wedding with a full nuptial mass and a formal wedding dinner in one of the best hotels, good planning can help you achieve the wedding you want with a minimum of stress on your big day.

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Are you thinking of a Beach Wedding?

There are lots of things to consider when planning a ceremony on the beach.  Here are a few of the important things you'll need to consider:

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How to Hire a Wedding Officiant

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The most common question I receive is "how much do you charge". That is a good question however, it should not be the first or most important question when hiring your wedding officiant. To often Brides and Grooms plan their very detailed wedding ceremony and reception right down to the detail and want their wedding to be perfect! BUT  They think of the Officant as the person who just marry's them. Yes the officiant does marry you, but they also create and perform your entire ceremony!

Your guests are sitting there watching and listening to your entire ceremony. If your officiant is not professional, does not speak clearly and with expression, does not have the ability to put together a well organized, well flowing ceremony for you, it can be a disaster.

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Candy Buffet For Your Wedding

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The "Candy Buffet"  is a HOT item for weddings and events.  Heck, everybody loves candy!  They are replacing the "Wedding Favors" as your guests will want to take candy home.  They are easy to set up too. All you need is containers, candy, scoops and a little creativity. Your guests will LOVE it.

You can spice up the table with tablecloths, table runners, flowers, and pictures. These things can be added to make your candy buffet table look FABULOUS.

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Wedding Morning Menu Ideas

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On your wedding day often the last thing you think about doing is preparing food - one of the most important things you need to survive until the reception!

To stop you from the embarrassment of fainting away at the alter, here are a few ideas of platters that are light, nutritious and energising.

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Many brides ask us why we insist on an engagement shoot for all our wedding couples.  Think of the engagement shoot as an audition for the photographer and a dress rehearsal for you.  This time allows us to get to know each other.  As the photographer I get to see what makes you comfortable in front of the camera, what makes you laugh, what relaxes you.  As the subject you get to know the photographers work style and personality.  On your wedding day you will spend more time with your photographer then any other vendor.  My goal is always to make you so comfortable with me that by your wedding day I am a trusted friend.   This makes a HUGE difference in the final photos.   If you are relaxed and comfortable your photos will be more natural.

Going through your engagement photos with your photographer is another really important step in getting the best possible photos on your wedding day.  Viewing and discussing your engagement pictures allows you to tell the photographer what you like and don't like about your photos.  Perhaps you don't like profile shots because it highlights the shape of your nose, or you prefer close up head & shoulder shots over full length shots.  Whatever your personal preference, your photographer will have a better understanding when you can go through a photo session together.

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Wedding Video 101

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Wedding video is something that a lot of people are unfamiliar with. First of all, let's talk about the "Videographer". The term is the same as photographer, but pertains to one who shoot video. A videographer will be the person behind the video camera.

Some people ask, "Why have a vidoegrapher if I'm paying for a professional photographer?". Others ask "Why have a photographer if I'm hiring a videogapher?". It's a good idea to have both. There are things that a videographer can capture that a photographer cannot. Take for instance the toast. A photographer can not capture the emotions of the made of honor getting choked up during her speech.

Budget Doesn't Mean Blah

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Just because you are on a budget doesn't mean you can't impress!

A lot has to do with the venue that you choose for your reception/ceremony. At a hotel or hall you are going to have to do a lot to put your personal stamp on it. Choose a unique venue that is beautiful in and of itself. Be that a beach, a tropical garden something with a view of it's own. That way you don't have to use special lighting, lots of flower arrangements and other things to make it look other than four walls.

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Professional wedding videographers can range in price from $500 to over $5,000. What gives? As long as they’re professionally trained, properly equipped and experienced, why the drastic difference in price?

First of all, it’s important to understand that videographers (this goes for photographers and other artists too), assign a value to their work based on their time, effort, equipment, expertise, and a whole lot of factors that can vary from artist to artist, depending on their approach and demand for their product.