I have noticed a trend recently in wedding photographer's web pages of trying to clear up the confusion over the various styles of wedding photography. New names have emerged for these styles: Documentary, Illustrative, Fine Art, Classic, Contemporary, the now familiar Photojournalism and of course Traditional. Also we now hear photographers talking at length about how they only shoot weddings using "available light" and promise you that they won't use flash


What Does a Wedding Planner Do?

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A planner refers to a person that plans each and every aspect of your wedding and corporate event. The success of an event whether wedding or any corporate meeting or seminar depends upon the competency of the planner. No doubt, marriages are made in heaven but a professional wedding planner recreate the aura of heavenly experience on earth and fascinate your guest with their exceptional service.

They manage the overall wedding event and ensure that everything goes exactly as planned right from the initial stage to the closing stage. They will not only assist you in making right selection and choose the perfect wedding vendors and venue but also maintain a balance in what is happening, when it is happening, who is doing it while keeping a strict watch that everything goes within budget.

Reminisce Photography & Design

As photographers, Adam and I are there throughout the entire wedding process. We do our best to help you find other vendors, figure out your wedding timeline, offer advice on creative ideas to incorporate into you day... and we're there behind the scenes. We see everything that happens on your wedding day. And with each wedding we photograph, we learn something new to bring with us. For example, we've upgraded our sewing kit scissors that we always have on us to a larger, sharper pair. Our scissors have been used to cut the rings off the pillow, cut hanger straps off of dresses, and cut the aisle ribbon so processional could start :) So, we thought we'd extend our help even further by offering our "Wedding Words of Wisdom," which will be a regular addition to our blog now. Whenever we learn something new that can help with your wedding day, we'll post it! This week, we have some words of wisdom about getting dressed.

1) Label the tuxes and bridesmaids dresses. You'd be surprised how often we see these mixed up. Actually, they were mixed up on our own wedding day, too. Adam said, "Dude, my pants are too long." And our best man Dave said, "Dude, my pants are too short." Then they realized that they had switched their pants. Oopsies. So they changed their pants in the car on their way to our wedding :) I've seen the same thing happen with bridesmaids. The simple task of labeling with save a lot of chaos.

GENERATIONS cinemastories

Videographers : More is Less

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The number of film makers attending your wedding can impact the intrusiveness of the filming itself. In this case, more is often less, as one camera person running around with a shoulder mounted camera and a headlight on the camera, trying to catch every meaningful shot, is far more intrusive than several film makers stationed strategically in the background on tripods with an off- camera light bouncing off a wall or ceiling.

With several film makers you can have a cocktail hour fillmed at the same time as a photoshoot at the same time another person is setting up mcrophones in the reception area. Thinking that one person can do the job, and do it well, and unobtrusively, will likely result in some major limitations on your final product.

Night Day Productions

So your wedding was fantastic, you hired a great videographer who did an excellent job capturing the day and you’re anxiously waiting to see the final edited product so together, you can relive the most wonderful day of your lives.

First, your video editor wants to know what music you’d like for the montage sections of your wedding video. Suddenly, you feel immense pressure having to pick music for this important document. You’ll have to live with the decisions you make today for the rest of your lives. Maybe picking that trendy dance track will seem like a mistake five, ten, twenty, forty years down the road when you’re sharing your wedding video with your children, grandchildren, long lost aunties, and new and old friends?

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Beach Wedding Vows

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The wedding vow is one of the things which makes the marriage more official. In fact, you have plenty of options when you are considering your beach wedding vows. One of the options is of course to use some traditional and standard wedding vow templates.

The wedding vow is one of the things which makes the wedding more official. In fact, you have plenty of options when you are considering your wedding vow. One of the options is of course to use some traditional and standard wedding vow templates. As a matter of fact, there is nothing wrong to use such templates. However, there are couples who would like to go for the option of writing the vow themselves. When you consider that it is one of the things to make your wedding official, it gives you a good reason to take the time to write it yourself.

Celebrate Intimate Weddings

Many couples get together, get married, and hope things work out and if they don’t, they move on. A relationship with that kind of false hope is most likely doomed from the beginning.

Marriage is supposed to be a sacred contract for a lifetime commitment. It is not some kind of social contract or something you just “do” for as long as you both shall “love.” To me, that statement reeks of no commitment. However for many couples that seems to be the expectation.

All 4 U Hair and Make Up Artistry

Thinking about how you are going to look on your wedding day?  It's important to look and feel your best, so we've put together some tips to help.

Here are some things to consider leading up to yoru special day:

Reverend Michael

Planning your Wedding Ceremony

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Your wedding is like a stage play. You are the stars and your guests are the audience. You, the Officiant and your wedding party are the cast. You have a production crew, a budget, a timeline, script, costumes, props, a set, lighting, make-up, camera work, a rehearsal and a final performance.

Include a detailed map with your wedding invitations and a contact phone number for the day of the Ceremony. If your Ceremony is to begin at noon, invite your guests for 11:45am. If your invitation says 12:00 noon, most guests will not start arriving until just prior to noon or after and this will delay your Ceremony. With delays you will have a chain reaction of other delays such as your catering service. And if your vendors have another wedding to work after yours, delays will cause them to cut short their time at your Ceremony.

Sample Sales

Suppose your wedding is next month and you need that gown now? Or suppose you love the sample but it’s just been discontinued? Or else you love the sample but can’t afford to special order it? You do realize next season a whole new stock will be arriving? This means your salon needs to get the old out of the way. And all those gowns with full skirts just hanging there take up space, or haven’t you noticed? While sizes are limited and samples mostly run sizes 6, 8, and 10, the good news is that sample markdowns usually go half off, sometimes less. Some salons have sample sales they advertise a couple times a year while others offer marked down stock continually. Absolutely love that gown you just tried on? Offer to buy it. Yes, that same gown. Ordinarily samples are not for sale but this may be the time they’re moving in all those spring confections, especially if it is in less than perfect shape, which, more than a few samples tend to be.