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Anyone who has already chosen a wedding photographer and now has their wedding photography will tell you it was not easy choosing their photographer and making sense of the many, many similar packages and services offered. Unfortunately too many brides will tell you their wedding photography never matched their expectations after they made their choice. The following 10 Tips are offered by a professional wedding photographer (me, smile) who has done a lot of research on what is being offered in the GTA, seen what is offered at the wedding shows and has personally photographed 100+ weddings in the last 3 years.

My purpose is simple: to help you make a well informed decision and make sure you end up with excellent photography within your budget for your wedding day. To be completely upfront, I do want your business and I feel that if you care about the quality of your wedding photography and understand the differences in the levels of service and the details offered we will earn your business – especially if you see our work online or in person.

How to Hire a Videographer

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Many individuals ask why should I pay for a pro video when myself or friends and family can tape it with our camcorders? Even with access to camcorders today, most friends and family don’t have the training and or experience as well as the professional broadcast equipment of a professional videographer.

Professional videographers have made the investment of purchasing state of the art broadcast quality cameras and editing systems that most of the public cannot afford to invest in. Professional video production companies also have other equipment that most consumers don’t have such as camera cranes, dolly systems, multiple cameras, professional audio microphones, and most of us have college degrees and years of training at broadcast stations and cable networks.

Top Tips for Choosing Your Best Man

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Tip number 1:  Don’t leave it too late.  Planning a wedding can be a time-consuming and occasionally stressful experience.  Having a good wingman in place right at the start will not only help you, but it’ll make your best man feel like he’s doing his job properly.

Tip number 2:  Choose someone reliable.  Your best man going to be responsible for getting you to the wedding on time, so choose wisely!  Ideally he’ll also be sort of guy who can be relied on to help out with one or two of the numerous small jobs involved in planning a wedding.  Good “best man” jobs include drawing up a playlist of songs for your DJ and putting together a map and directions to the venue for your guests.

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Do I really need to send out Save the Date Cards? If so, how early do I send them out? What is the purpose of sending out Save the Date Cards?

Save the Date Cards announce to all your family and friends the date of your wedding and simply ask them to reserve that day especially for you. They can be very useful for guests that will be having to travel long distances to attend the wedding. If someone is coming from out of the country, making needed arrangements early can save them a great deal of money on their traveling expenses. Also Save the Date Cards can be very helpful for a destination wedding. Giving early notice to all who plan to attend gives them the opportunity to request vacation from their employer and helps them save them a substantial amount of money on their travel expenses.

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What To Look For When Hiring A DJ

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I'm sure most people have heard that a good or bad Disc Jockey can make or break (as in ruin) just about any event. So it really pays to do your homework and know what to look for when you go shopping around for a DJ for your special event.

It never ceases to amaze me that most folks will pay more attention to, and be willing to spend more money on, other aspects of a typical event; such as catering, photographers,venues...etc. But when it comes to the DJ; the source of entertainment; the person that is going to be responsible for all the announcements, introductions, and overall tempo of the event; it becomes almost an afterthought. A vendor that some people will try to save money on; after already spending so much on the catering and the photographers. BIG MISTAKE!!!

Wedding Toasts

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The ceremony was beautiful! Now its time for the reception. Food, dancing, fun, thank yous and toasts.

Your guests have come out to join you on your special day and you should take the time to say thank you. It is also an opportunity to thank those who have not only supported you during the wedding planning but throughout your life. It does not have to be a long speech, it should be a sentiment from the heart. You can decide whether you will give the toasts or whether your husband, or maybe even both.

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Let's face it. If you want to be the footstomping bridezilla center of attention you can be.

On the other hand, if you would sincerely like to have a wonderful wedding where love is the theme and serenity and fun are the emotions of the day, you CAN have it!

Booking a Wedding DJ

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When booking a DJ, watch out for the prideful, “full of himself” DJ, that has a name like “Jammin Joe”, or the quiet DJ who thinks his job is just to just play music. Your Typical Wedding DJ tends to fall in one of two extremes. Many high end DJs, are very "flashy", or "showy" and love to be the center of attention, hear themselves talk, and have this attitude “how glorious am I”. On the other extreme you have many of your low end DJs, who camp out behind their messy equipment and don’t give any direction or leadership. A DJ has to be a leader, one who is comfortable, making announcements, and guiding your guests, as well as all the vendors you have working for you, communicating with them, so that they know what is happening. Our DJs are in the middle of those two extremes. The first two hours before dinner and during dinner we are formal and elegant, When you make your grand entrance, you will hear an introduction that will get your guests excited when you walk in. We say what we need to say, but also know when to shut up. The last half of the reception (the dancing part), we are interactive and are very good at getting people on the dance floor.

A big ego is the last thing a DJ needs, but unfortunately a common trait. Many of them will have some hyped up name that they go by. All of our four DJs are here to serve you, so they don’t need an alter ego stage name, because it’s not about them, it’s about you, the Bride and Groom, and your guests. You are the boss and we will do what you want, but we will also advise you from our years of experience; however the final decision is always yours. As a wedding DJ you are trying to please a wide range of ages and ethnic groups, and someone may not like something you are playing, but you have to put your pride aside and be polite and courteous at all times.

Letterpress Invitations By Ajalon Printing

Recently, our wedding invitation designer has been helping plan her niece’s wedding. While using the Martha Stewart website she found an article about using a cookie press. We thought that this is a wonderful idea.

Your invitation design can be made into a cookie press and used when you bake. Using the cookie press is easy to do and an uniquely fun way to continue sharing your design with others. Cookies can be made for a wedding shower, reception or any time after the wedding.

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5 Tips For Planning A Beach Wedding

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Regardless of what type of wedding you are having, planning is essential.  There can actually be even more planning involved when planning a wedding on the beach.  After all, there are going to be numerous unique and unexpected problems that occur.  Because of this, here are five things to keep in mind as you begin planning beach weddings.

1. Weather alternative