Reverend Michael

Planning your Wedding Ceremony

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Your wedding is like a stage play. You are the stars and your guests are the audience. You, the Officiant and your wedding party are the cast. You have a production crew, a budget, a timeline, script, costumes, props, a set, lighting, make-up, camera work, a rehearsal and a final performance.

Include a detailed map with your wedding invitations and a contact phone number for the day of the Ceremony. If your Ceremony is to begin at noon, invite your guests for 11:45am. If your invitation says 12:00 noon, most guests will not start arriving until just prior to noon or after and this will delay your Ceremony. With delays you will have a chain reaction of other delays such as your catering service. And if your vendors have another wedding to work after yours, delays will cause them to cut short their time at your Ceremony.

Celia Milton

The Handfasting Ceremony

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The Handfasting is a beautiful ceremony that can augment your vows and ring exchange. It was originated in the 1600’s, in Europe,  when very few weddings were being sanctified in the church. It was essentially, a commonlaw ritual, and it makes a beautiful contrast to the more formalized vows that are included in most modern ceremonies.

In the version that I have written , multiple colored cords, (some of which are embellished with beads, gemstones and charms), are draped over the couple’s hands as promises are read. Very often, a close friend. the couples’ children or one of the bridal party will assist in draping the cords; this is a great way to make them active participants.

Sample Sales

Suppose your wedding is next month and you need that gown now? Or suppose you love the sample but it’s just been discontinued? Or else you love the sample but can’t afford to special order it? You do realize next season a whole new stock will be arriving? This means your salon needs to get the old out of the way. And all those gowns with full skirts just hanging there take up space, or haven’t you noticed? While sizes are limited and samples mostly run sizes 6, 8, and 10, the good news is that sample markdowns usually go half off, sometimes less. Some salons have sample sales they advertise a couple times a year while others offer marked down stock continually. Absolutely love that gown you just tried on? Offer to buy it. Yes, that same gown. Ordinarily samples are not for sale but this may be the time they’re moving in all those spring confections, especially if it is in less than perfect shape, which, more than a few samples tend to be.

I Do Today

Choosing a Wedding Officiant

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Your ceremony is the heart and soul of your wedding and will likely be the most personal memory of this special day. So choosing an officiant is more critical than most people realize. Many couples, especially those who do not have a regular place of worship, plan in advance for everything but the wedding officiant! Personal referrals can give you a sense of security but make sure the officiant meets your individual needs and requirements. There are many things to consider:

The Officiant

Personalized Weddings

Tips on Dealing with Wedding Vendors

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It is important to keep in mind that this is YOUR wedding day. Just because a photographer wants you to take pictures at a certain time or a caterer tries to tell you that you "must" serve this, remember that you are in charge. Listen to these experts, but decide for yourself.

Most photographers, for example, will work with you to take many of the key photos before the wedding, so that you don't have to miss your entire reception due to hours of picture-taking.

Bel Fiore Bridal

Bridal Shopping Dos and Dont's

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Planning your wedding? Congratulations!

With all the planning that has to be done, you’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed. There are wedding invitations and programs to order and send out, a ceremony and reception to plan, food to choose for the reception, and so many other important things to do. However, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing a wedding dress. After all, you want to look amazing for the big day.

Moore Creative

Destination weddings are becoming so very popular, I thought that I would share a few budgeting tips to think about while planning a destination wedding.

In any wedding workbook, you’ll find a budget page where you plan for all the standard wedding expenses (like your photographer, wedding flowers, music, your wedding dress and the caterer). But what if you’re having a destination wedding? Below are some costs that are specific to destination weddings that aren’t usually mentioned in standard wedding budgets:

Children in the Wedding Party...

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Wedding pictures aren't complete without a flower girl and a ring bearer! Right or wrong? Maybe you don't want kids but your family wants you to include your sisters little ones....what's a bride to do?

YES! Some brides want it all; kids, dogs, butterflies, doves, you name it. So if your heart is set on having your little niece and your cousin's son walk down the aisle then I say go for it! But do it with planning!

Videographers: Professional or Friend?

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I received a request for information recently and the sender stated, "One of our guests has offered to shoot it for us and their offer is attractive considering your asking price". Although I can understand budgets, it is unfortunate that clients compare professional services with their friends who happen to own cameras.

My respsonse was to ask these questions of anyone, especially friends and family, who you are considering captuing one of the most important days of your life:

Weddings and the Web

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It the new year, if you were not aware. Perhaps one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to be better about planning your fast-approaching wedding. Or perhaps that has been a resolution all along, but the New Year has provided you with some snappy new motivation.

Or, perhaps not. In any case, I have good news for you: The Internet is your friend. I can’t say I was around when wedding planning (or much of anything else, for that matter) had to be done without the assistance of the World Wide Web. But I imagine there was quite a bit more running around involved for a more limited amount of resources.