As with all things related to your wedding, it is better to be prepared before getting into something.

For the wedding ceremony, here are 5 things you and your fiance should discuss before meeting with your officiant.

The Morning of Your Wedding : Hair Tips

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Are you doing your own hair?

1. Time your practice session and make a list of all of the tools and products you will need. If you are not going to be in your home, you will need to plan and pack well.

"Top It Off" Cake Toppers & Accessories

What is a Groom's Cakes

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Have you ever wondered what EXACTLY is a Groom's Cake?

I've had alot of Brides ask me that very question, so I thought I'd briefly explain what it is and how it originated.

Victoria - Make Up Artist

To really look your best on your wedding day it’s important to start with some pre-planning - a few months are great... but even weeks are fine too.

It's important to get your skin in tip top condition and this can be done with the help of a beautician or else in the comfort of your home.... this will depend on your budget and your time constraints.


Wedding Planning - 10 Rules to Preserve your Sanity

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You are a bride to be.  You are planning your special day.  You can now indulge your every whim, right?  Not so fast!!!  It is most definately your moment to reign supreme, but maintaining your perspective will make the entire planning process more fun and less mentally exhausting.

We suggest the following 10 simple rules to preserve your sanity -

Video Services Un-Limited, LLC

Today, anybody out of job thinks they can buy a camera, put together a great website and videotape weddings. Is this what you want for your most precious day and memories?

What to Look for:

You have seen it on practically every wedding photographer's web page and in bridal magazines. It seems that everyone wants to give the bride and groom advice on how to choose a wedding photographer. Most of what I have read is sound and useful advice, but I thought it might be helpful to write an article that explores this in more detail. So lets look at the mistakes brides and grooms often make in choosing their photographer.

Over the past 25 years as a wedding photographer, I have had the opportunity to speak with well over a thousand engaged couples. I am always surprised by some of the criteria many of them use to choose their wedding photographer. Here are the top 7 mistakes I feel many brides and grooms make when selecting a photographer for their big day:

Top Tips for Choosing Your Best Man

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Tip number 1:  Don’t leave it too late.  Planning a wedding can be a time-consuming and occasionally stressful experience.  Having a good wingman in place right at the start will not only help you, but it’ll make your best man feel like he’s doing his job properly.

Tip number 2:  Choose someone reliable.  Your best man going to be responsible for getting you to the wedding on time, so choose wisely!  Ideally he’ll also be sort of guy who can be relied on to help out with one or two of the numerous small jobs involved in planning a wedding.  Good “best man” jobs include drawing up a playlist of songs for your DJ and putting together a map and directions to the venue for your guests.

How to Hire a Videographer

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Many individuals ask why should I pay for a pro video when myself or friends and family can tape it with our camcorders? Even with access to camcorders today, most friends and family don’t have the training and or experience as well as the professional broadcast equipment of a professional videographer.

Professional videographers have made the investment of purchasing state of the art broadcast quality cameras and editing systems that most of the public cannot afford to invest in. Professional video production companies also have other equipment that most consumers don’t have such as camera cranes, dolly systems, multiple cameras, professional audio microphones, and most of us have college degrees and years of training at broadcast stations and cable networks.

Who else would like to know the difference between photojournalistic and traditional style wedding photography?

There is a much confusion surrounding the different styles of wedding photography that professionals are shooting today. Most couples want the style and glamour that they see in magazines. They often don’t know exactly what that style is called and how a skilled photographer can make them look as good as the bride and groom in the latest trend-setting celebrity wedding. Other couples are looking for a more traditional style of wedding photography.

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