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5 Tips For Planning A Beach Wedding

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Regardless of what type of wedding you are having, planning is essential.  There can actually be even more planning involved when planning a wedding on the beach.  After all, there are going to be numerous unique and unexpected problems that occur.  Because of this, here are five things to keep in mind as you begin planning beach weddings.

1. Weather alternative

Anytime you plan an outdoor wedding you need to understand that you cannot control the weather.  You cannot rely on the weather being sunny and gorgeous even at the beach.  Because of this, it is important you have a back up plan in case there is bad weather.  Some alternatives can be an indoor location or a large tent that you can retreat to.  Just make sure you inform all guests of the alternate location.

2. Food

Although the wedding itself is the reason this day even exists, it is the food that many people enjoy coming for.  There are several options you can consider when planning for a beach wedding. Some options include a barbecue or a Hawaiian style pig roast.  Some popular foods you can cook can be individual skewers with steak or chicken and vegetables, salads, and anything else you would put on a grill.

3. Lighting

Beach weddings are obviously not going to require any lighting if the weather permits.  However, if you are planning a night wedding this is something you will want to keep in mind.  If you are going to need a power source, make sure you plan ahead so you know how you will plug in the cord and where you will be able to plug it in.  Other options include candles and torches.

4. Music

As with everything else in the wedding you want the music to compliment the theme.  Consider music that is calm, soothing, and fun.  In addition to selecting the right kind of music for the wedding, you also want to be aware of any noise violations that may halt the party on the beach.

5. Decorations

The last thing you want to keep in mind when planning beach weddings is the decorations.  This should be one of the easier things to plan as long as you keep it simple and connected to the overall theme.  Think of tiki torches, leis, sandcastles, and bright colors.  Beach weddings are supposed to be romantic and fun and selecting the right decorations can make this day everything you have ever imagined.


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